ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

Experience powerful, efficient threat detection and response through security analytics from a next-gen SIEM.

ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)
Real-time threat detection and response backed by a powerful, open, and intelligent SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

Gain enterprise-wide threat visibility from an industry-leading data collection framework that connects to all your security event devices. Learn more.


When it comes to threat detection, every second counts. ESM’s powerful real-time correlation offers the fastest way to detect known threats. Learn more.


Coordinating a rapid response to threats is critical for Next-Gen SecOps. Automated responses and workflow processing keep your SOC efficient. Learn more.

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A Next-Gen SIEM will efficiently integrate with your existing security solutions to boost their ROI and support a layered analytics approach. Learn more.

Read the "Micro Focus 2019 State of Security Operations Update". Looking to improve your SOC? This report offers valuable insights into emerging global trends, top challenges, and proven success factors to help push your SOC to the next level.

Dive deeper. Discover more.

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    ArcSight ESM leverages the Security Open Data Platform, whose SmartConnectors can connect to 450+ data source types to collect, aggregate, clean, and enrich your data before feeding it into your security analytics. By structuring your data, ESM makes it both more useful and more cost-effective. It’s also scalable, so you don’t have to worry about data growth.

    The Security Open Data Platform replaces ADP and now comes included with ArcSight ESM.
  • Integrate




    ArcSight’s open architecture enables it to swap data, insights, and alerts with your existing security analytics solutions, including ArcSight Intelligence, ArcSight Investigate, and our many ArcSight partners. This layered analytics approach helps ESM deliver even more effective threat detection with fewer false positives and more informative alerts, for a more efficient SOC.

    Layered analytics in a next-gen SOC

Case Studies

ArcSight helps a sophisticated SOC merge their OT and IT to achieve unparalleled security intelligence and analytics.

ArcSight security software enables DNeX to operate a lean next-gen SOC with powerful threat detection capabilities and rapid response times.

As an MSSP, Proficio must quickly (and accurately) protect its clients from security threats. ArcSight’s SIEM is critical to that mission.

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