ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Tackle cyber threats in real time by using powerful, scalable, and efficient SIEM security software.

Security Operations Update
2019 State of Security Operations Update

Looking to improve your Security Operations Center? Based on assessments and experiences from SOCs around the world, this new report provides valuable insights into emerging global trends, pressing SecOps challenges, and proven success factors of top-performers, to help push your SOC to the next level.

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SIEM’s first distributed correlation solution

With ArcSight ESM 7.0, SOCs gain the agility to expand their cyber security footprint and respond faster to evolving threats at massive scale—up to 100,000 correlated events per second, per cluster—as well as solve a wider set of security use cases.

Investing in the future of ArcSight

ArcSight has made great investments around opening up its architecture, embedding analytics, and unlocking the capability of the SIEM for our customers. We’ve never had the ability to solve use cases across users, apps and data the way we do today.

Watch this brief video from John Delk, Chief Product Officer of the Micro Focus Security Product Group, to hear more about ArcSight’s customer centric approach to innovation and its future at Micro Focus.

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Powerful distributed real-time data correlation

Collect data and correlate events in real-time—up to 100,000 events per second—to escalate threats that violate the internal rules within the platform. Easily scale SIEMs up by adding correlation nodes with the industry’s leading distributed correlation engine.

Workflow automation, security orchestration

Empower your SOC monitoring teams to triage detected alerts through the ArcSight ESM integration commands - 3rd party integrations with the ability to execute commands on external devices with ArcSight ActionConnectors.

Cloud gear
Community-driven security content

Benefit from security rule-sets, dashboards and reports developed by SOC experts from Micro Focus and the ArcSight Community. ArcSight Activate includes hundreds of use case solutions and ESM packages to solve your information event management security requirements.

Block based replication
Multi-Tenancy and unified permissions matrix

Leverage centralized management capabilities, including rule-based thresholds and a unified permissions roles, rights, and responsibilities matrix to separate all data and alerts at the customer level.

Security Open Data Platform and Transformation Hub integration

Built for massive scale and speed, ArcSight ESM fully integrates with SODP Transformation Hub, the open, intelligent data ingestion and delivery bus for the modern SOC, supporting over 400 product connectors.

ArcSight Investigate integration

Integrate your SIEM with ArcSight Investigate, a companion next-generation hunt and investigation solution, to create extremely fast and intuitive search and data visualization within the security operations environment.

ArcSight’s best-in-class SIEM solution

As a leader in security event collection and management, ArcSight is able to deliver best-in-class solutions to its clients. Obrela uses ArcSight to enhance their cybersecurity and SecOps capabilities and offerings. ArcSight's open, scalable, and highly effective platform allows Obrela to provide top-level SecOps to its customers for critical cybersecurity needs. How could ArcSight help enhance your SOC and meet your cybersecurity needs?



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ESM 7: more powerful, more scalable

With distributed correlation, ESM 7 brings increased EPS handling, and improved availability and redundancy. Sitting at the center of the intelligent SOC, ESM can scale to match the growing security data being generated keeping up with evolving cyber threats. What new SIEM packages should you now deploy?

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