Silk Test


Silk Test key features

Leverage existing Selenium scripts and run them against any desktop and mobile browser, gain customized graphical results, and extend existing scripts by recording new snippets in any browser. Built-in synchronization allows you to write scripts without the need to manually synchronize asynchronous events. Silk Test also supports any web-based application regardless of the technology being used, including Angular, Knockout, React, HTML5, Apache Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. Record resolution-aware scripts to ensure all relevant screen-sizes are comprehended in functional tests. Also, record once and replay everywhere.

Cross-browser testing and cross-platform testing

Use Silk Test to create a single test script for Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on Mac and iOS, and Chrome and Stockbrowser on Android. This makes test scripts easier to maintain and case logic remains focused on the use case, cutting test development time by up to 80%.

Rapidly build cross-platform automation tests. Create a single, portable test script once and execute against all supported browsers, without the need to invest time in understanding browser specifics.

Mobile application testing

Create automated tests set for iOS and Android applications within minutes and run them on multiple devices for effective regression, cross-platform, and localization testing.

Integrated test automation

Silk Test works across a wide variety of technologies, from legacy applications to the latest web or mobile applications. Carry out test automation without investing in different products for different technologies.

Standardize validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications (including packaged apps like SAP and Oracle Forms). Accelerate testing speed by automating functional and regression tests, and running against a variety of scenarios and different data. Also, automate manual tests and run them autonomously. Work in your preferred environment by creating, customizing, and executing tests with an intuitive interface, or leverage the Eclipse IDE or Visual Studio .NET.

Collaborative test design

Business and technical stakeholders work seamlessly together, regardless of technical skillset. Silk Test provides easy-to-use, code free testing with built-in workflow and logic wizards. This makes it easy for business teams and domain experts to contribute to test design, ensuring test coverage of the full range of customer usage patterns. Silk Test provides the right interface for any user type and shift-left test creation.

Integrated Docker testing

Silk Test allows you to run your Silk4J tests in Docker to support your continuous-integration (CI) and continuous-deployment (CD) pipelines. Functional tests can also be automatically triggered by any CI server, for example, Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City, and others. Easily and efficiently add and provision new test environments with Silk Test’s Dockerized testing.

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