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Silk Test

Functional test automation for web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications.

Silk Test
OpenText™ Silk Test automates functional testing for web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications.Its collaborative test design helps business and technical stakeholders work together for a full range of test coverage.


Deliver quality apps fast.

Speed up functional and regression testing with automation. Create, customize, and execute tests with an intuitive interface, the Eclipse IDE, or Visual Studio .NET.

Ensure quality and accelerate testing on any device and platform.
Standardize validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications.



Leverage your Selenium scripts.

Run your current Selenium scripts against any desktop and mobile browser. Gain customized graphical results and extend your scripts by recording new snippets in any browser.

Write scripts without manually synchronizing asynchronous events.
Leverage built-in capabilities to virtualize backend services.


Continuous Testing

Support your pipelines.

Run tests in Docker to support continuous-integration (CI) and continuous-deployment (CD) pipelines. Trigger tests with any CI server, including Jenkins, Bamboo, and more.

Easily add and provision new test environments with Dockerized testing.

Continuous Testing

Additional Features

Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Testing

Create a single test script to test against web and mobile browsers.

Virtualize Services

Create realistic simulations of service behavior while saving time with virtualization.

Collaborative Test Design

Enable business and technical stakeholders to test for a full range of usage patterns.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “We can deliver new software releases much faster using our Silk-powered testing process. We save two days of manual intervention during the install and update phase of each release.

    James Griffiths
    Automation Architect
    ACI Worldwide
  • “With our Silk Test structured testing framework we now cover 80 percent of our solution, instead of just 35 percent that we were covering before.”

    Software Analyst


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