Visual COBOL

Future-proof your COBOL Business Applications

The leading COBOL application development, deployment, and modernization solution for distributed systems.


Visual COBOL® provides COBOL development and integration tools – in your choice of Visual Studio or Eclipse – that offer programmers an unrivaled development experience. Use Visual COBOL to help your AppDev teams work better together and deliver new functionality faster to your business users.

Visual COBOL 4.0 COBOL, Containers and Cloud
Visual COBOL 4.0 COBOL, Containers and Cloud
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Compile COBOL applications to Java

Compile COBOL applications to Java byte code for deployment within the Java Virtual Machine

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Compile COBOL applications to .NET

Use Visual COBOL to compile directly to Microsoft intermediate language for deployment within Microsoft .NET

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Fully featured COBOL editor

Also includes an integrated COBOL debug experience

Native code generator

Visual COBOL includes a native code generator for the leading Enterprise platforms, including Windows, Linux on Intel, Linux on Power, Linux on z systems, AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX

Mixed-language support

Integrate COBOL with C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, and more

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RDBMS support

Visual COBOL includes RDBMS support for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and open source databases, including PostgreSQL

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Support for virtualized, container, and cloud environments

Visual COBOL supports COBOL deployment to industry-standard frameworks such as Docker, Amazon AWS, and integrated support for the Microsoft Azure SDK

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Advanced diagnostics tools

Visual COBOL includes easy-to-use tools including patented reversible debugging aids for RHEL Intel systems

Case Studies

Sydex Sports Software

Sydex Sports knocks it out of the park with Visual COBOL

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LV 1871

Visual COBOL delivers a future proof strategy for application modernization and enabling the porting of business services to Java.

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Embracing innovation with Visual COBOL® delivers a modern and agile development environment, boosting productivity and performance by 30 percent.

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Visual COBOL: A Developer's Guide to Modern COBOL

This new Micro Focus eBook is written for the COBOL, Java and .NET developer. Your mission: Start a new era of innovation powered by modern tools that bridge COBOL systems to the world of Java and .NET


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Take a closer look at product highlights and technical specifications.

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Explore how Visual COBOL can address your business needs.

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