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Introducing Data Privacy Manager
Introducing Data Privacy Manager

The Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager is a comprehensive solution to address the privacy governance needs of enterprises. The solution enables customers with the ability to manage and protect sensitive structured data throughout its lifecycle, from discovery and classification to protection and reporting from a single pane of glass.

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GDPR and HIPAA compliance
Privacy mandates require a holistic approach to data privacy policy enforcement and data security across the lifecycle.
Pseudonymization and encryption

Address GDPR guidelines for database encryption, pseudonymization, and tokenization with SecureData Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption.

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Built-in classification libraries, pre-set rules, and discovery speed implementation for fast encryption security.
Single pane of glass

Transparent data privacy governance from a single pane of glass across Hybrid IT.

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Data usability
Protect data while keeping it usable for analytics and business processes.
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Defensible disposition
Document actions step-by-step and utilize product compliance reporting.
Manage and protect privacy with data encryption throughout the lifecycle.

Manage and protect privacy with data encryption throughout the lifecycle.

Simplifying GDPR compliance

Mitigate risk and derive business value as you comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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