Voltage SmartCipher

Simplify unstructured data security with persistent file protection, complete control, and visibility. Coming soon.

Micro Focus expands cybersecurity expertise with acquisition of Covertix

Micro Focus acquired Israel-based Covertix to complement it's leading Security, Risk and Governance portfolio with SmartCipher's advanced unstructured data security. SmartCipher's persistent file protection, and complete control and visibility over file usage and disposition enable secure collaboration in the cloud and improved privacy compliance.

Micro Focus expands cybersecurity expertise with acquisition of Covertix
Block based replication
Simplify unstructured data management

Embed files with access and use controls that persist across the data lifecycle.

Retina scan
Increase visibility and control over sensitive files

Centralized policy control over sensitive file access, use, and disposition, with remote policy enforcement.

Shield 6
Reduce risk of a data breach

Encrypt files and wrap security policy to protect them wherever they go.

Cloud secure
Secure cloud collaboration

Protected files are agnostic to the operating system, applications, and user, protecting collaboration on multiple platforms.

Certificate 1
Improve compliance reporting

Real-time discovery, classification, monitoring, and reporting on sensitive file usage and creation.

Accelerate success
Faster time-to-value

Non-disruptive modes of operation allow for step-by-step implementation and seamless integration.

Introducing Voltage SmartCipher
Introducing Voltage SmartCipher

Micro Focus Voltage SmartCipher simplifies unstructured data security, delivering control over the use and proliferation of sensitive files for secure collaboration and improved privacy compliance. Files are transparently encrypted and embedded with access and use controls that protect files wherever they go.

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