Operations Management Services

Agile Operations Bridge and Application Monitoring services for the digital, hybrid, DevOps-driven world.
Drive autonomous operations across a hybrid IT landscape
  • Developers are building increasingly autonomous applications running on top of increasingly autonomous infrastructure. Autonomous Operations and Agile Operations Bridge can sense this hybrid environment, analyze vast amounts of telemetry, and adapt to situations that arise. With our Operations Management Services, you can manage the health of these applications, systems, and networks, and gain actionable insight to deliver a great user experience.

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Agile Operations Bridge Services

Agile Operations Bridge Services

Design and build your Operations Bridge and usher your IT Service Operations into the new style of IT. Read service brief

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring as a Service

Deploy comprehensive, flexible, on-demand monitoring the way you want to consume it, as a managed, pay-per-application, on-demand monitoring service and platform. Read service brief

Solution Discovery Workshop for BSM

Develop a detailed roadmap that encompasses people, process, and technology to increase your IT Operations maturity. Read service brief

Operations Bridge Analytics Foundation Service

Get a handle on Big Data for IT operations with a rapid deployment service for Operations Bridge Analytics. Read service brief

OM to OMi migration service

Migrate from Operations Manager to OMi and get on the right path toward an Agile Operations Bridge. Read service brief

Obtaining ROI from Micro Focus Operations Bridge

Boost service quality, improve efficiency and productivity, and drive innovation
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