IT4IT Services

Drive high velocity innovation and accelerate outcomes with an IT value chain approach.
IT at the speed of business
  • The IT4IT™ value chain lens is the prescriptive standard for running the business of IT. Our IT4IT services refine your IT operating model with a focus on generating customer value. We help you align people, processes, and technology to a common set of business goals and drive synergies between initiatives, so you can deliver value quickly and incrementally.

Reduction in budget overruns
Strategy-to-portfolio project management
Faster application release
Requirement-to-deploy continuous release and deployment
Availability improvements
With detect-to-correct closed loop incident management
Accelerate your digital transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation

Our value-focused, customer-centric IT4IT Consulting Services, and our advise-transform-manage approach, will help you break down silos and accelerate your digital transformation outcomes.

IT4IT Transformation Workshop

IT4IT Transformation Workshop

Define a digital transformation roadmap and sketch out an execution plan by understanding business and IT context, prioritizing initiatives, mapping success factors and obstacles, and building consensus. Read solution brief

IT4IT value optimization

Accelerate your software portfolio investment outcomes. Understand what can be accomplished with your existing portfolio and within the bounds of your current constraints. Read service brief

Business Service Catalog

Identify and develop a service model management approach to consistently address strategic business demand. The Business Service Catalog helps you create a central catalog to govern the service lifecycle of your business. Read service brief

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