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Micro Focus Agreements

Micro Focus protects its software and intellectual property rights through license agreements with its customers. These require customers and users of Micro Focus software to ensure they are correctly licensed. The following describes, without limitation, the main Micro Focus agreements.


End User License Agreement

  • The right to use Micro Focus software is granted through an end user license agreement (“EULA”). This is typically a contractual agreement directly between the end user customer and Micro Focus, even where the Micro Focus software is provided to a customer through a distributor, reseller or other intermediary.
  • The EULA sets out the license terms for use of the Micro Focus software. It contains very specific conditions describing how the type of license purchased by a customer may and may not be used.
  • Unauthorised or unlicensed use of Micro Focus software is therefore likely to constitute a breach of contract and/or infringement of intellectual property rights. In some jurisdictions, certain types of unlicensed usage may also constitute a criminal offence.
  • The EULA also typically contains record keeping obligations and audit provisions which the customer is obligated to comply with to manage its software estate and enable license verification to be conducted.
  • All Micro Focus software is delivered with an applicable EULA. Just as Micro Focus software products have evolved over time, so Micro Focus’ EULAs and licensing options have changed to reflect that evolution and other changes in technology. A EULA applicable to one product version is therefore not necessarily the EULA applicable to another version of the same product.
  • Over time Micro Focus has acquired the following companies: HAL Knowledge Solutions, AcuCorp, NetManage, Liant,, Relativity, Borland, SoforTe, AccuRev, the Attachmate Group (Attachmate, Novell, NetIQ and SUSE); and the following products: AMQ products from Compuware Corporation and the Orbix, Orbacus and Artix products from Progress Software Corporation, If a customer is using a version of a product that was supplied to you by one of those companies the applicable EULA may still bear the name of that company.
  • Micro Focus software is often licensed with unique traceable serial numbers and many of our products require license keys for operation. Nonetheless, it remains the responsibility of our customers to ensure that their deployment of the Micro Focus software is in accordance with the license.
  • Micro Focus’ licenses are personal to the original licensee and are not transferable to another party. Nor may they be used or accessed by another party (including without limitation other companies within customer’s group of companies). In addition, licenses are typically subject to a territorial restriction on use and access. We may agree to a customer assigning a license to another party or to extended user or territorial arrangements, subject to our then current prices and terms.

Maintenance and Consultancy Agreements

Separate agreements exist for Maintenance and Support Services and Consultancy Services. These agreements do not change licensing terms for the Micro Focus software.

For more information about Micro Focus agreements please contact:

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