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Email archiving solutions that help organizations access, govern, search, and centrally manage and transform data into a tangible business advantage.

A day in the life of compliance

The cost of non-compliance with information governance standards, rules and regulations can be devastating to an organization. Yet, many compliance officers have to contend with outdated and unwieldy systems that require too much manual intervention and have numerous operational inefficiencies. This situation is further compounded by exploding enterprise data volumes and rapidly evolving data management requirements that weigh down IT systems and technology departments. All this is forcing organizations to rethink the viability and effectiveness of point solution strategies. Micro Focus’ modular email archiving solutions and information risk management portfolio helps you control data; lessens the burden on IT; and mitigates the risk of fines, sanctions, and lost credibility.

Micro Focus named the Top Player in the 2019 Radicati Information Archiving Market Quadrant

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Making the move to next-generation archiving

Making the move to next-generation archiving

Learn how to turn the tables on today’s data and email archiving challenges when choosing between next-generation information and email archiving solutions. This guide provides an archiving solutions checklist, key vendor questions, on-premises vs. cloud platform tips, and next-generation email and information archiving considerations.

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Don’t just archive data – use it!

Don’t just archive data – use it!

Traditional information and email archiving solutions are defensive. The primary goal was to retain data for future legal requests. But your email archives contain a lot of valuable information that could enhance your organization’s ability to realize its strategic objectives. An Osterman Research white paper finds that next-generation archiving solutions allow you to extract usable business intelligence out of your archives.

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Proper information archiving requires a purpose-designed software solution
Proper information archiving requires a purpose-designed software solution

Information archiving is an essential activity that provides organizations with a wide range of benefits. But it could be argued that the most important benefit is the ability to help with compliance. Unfortunately, not all information archiving solutions offer significant help with maintaining compliance. Some, in fact, can instead be a hindrance to organizations’ compliance efforts. But archiving solutions that can help enhance your compliance efforts offer four must-have features. This paper lists those four critical compliance-enhancing features and explains their impact in helping organizations achieve and maintain compliance.

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