Protect Sensitive Data

Get the fastest threat response with our real-time, intelligent alerting enables the fastest threat response.

Prevent breaches and adhere to policy

Cloud, mobility, and BYO-anything have forever changed the way you protect sensitive data. You now need to focus your data protection efforts on monitoring access and changes to the places where the data resides.

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Protect the integrity of key systems and files

To help discover and resolve potential threats, you must proactively manage and report on user rights and entitlements. Our security monitoring solution offers real-time alerts that provide details about unauthorized access and change. We also provide automated identification and alerting of unusual activity.

Quickly detect unauthorized change to sensitive assets

Unauthorized changes to critical files, systems, and applications are a leading indicator of security breaches or compliance gaps. We provide a real-time change monitoring solution that identifies and reports on all changes to your most critical assets, and alerts you to any unauthorized changes.

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Monitor privileged user access to files that contain sensitive data

We provide data protection even against trusted users. We can help you monitor what your privileged users are doing with the rights they have been granted. We also help you limit unauthorized transactions and access to your sensitive data.

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