Enterprise DevOps Enterprise DevOps

Deliver at high speed with low risk
Build on what works
Build on what works
by bridging old and new technologies as you navigate change.
Reduce operational friction
Reduce operational friction

by optimizing value streams from request to business value.

Boost business confidence
Boost business confidence

by engineering quality and security into every application.

Deliver better outcomes
Deliver better outcomes

by leveraging feedback and analytics to continuously improve.

The solutions that make it possible.

Optimize Value Streams

Align demand streams with business strategy, and optimize DevOps processes and governance to deliver value

Establish flexible test cycles that are up to 50% faster, and reduce the annual cost of test provisioning by up to 85% per environment with Project & Portfolio Management.
Deliver software up to 40% faster and improve developer efficiency by 25% with ALM Octane.
Connect and measure end-to-end software delivery activities.

Shift to Continuous Quality and Security

Test early and often to reduce risk by continuously detecting defects and architectural issues, with full traceability.

Continuously test any technology, on any environment, and reduce test execution times with Functional Testing.
Improve user experience at scale by uncovering performance bottlenecks and pinpointing their root cause with Performance Testing.
Find and fix security weaknesses quickly and early with Application Security.
Deliver secure, high performance, and high-quality software at speed.

Accelerate Application Delivery

Solve application release complexities by bridging the DevOps divide across your entire deployment pipeline.

Reduce up to 90% of the time required to release applications with Deployment Automation.
Reduce release window production from 3 hours to 35 minutes with Release Control.
Tie all loose ends of CI/CD to manage, prioritize, and measure value of the delivery pipeline with ALM Octane.
Avoid undesirable infrastructure costs by managing heterogeneous resources with Hybrid Cloud Management.
Gain end-to-end visibility and feedback across the entire delivery pipeline.

Increase Service Reliability

Simplify processes and make them repeatable and reliable between and within your Dev and Ops organizations.

Achieve a 99% change success rate, increase staff productivity by 30%, and cut time for complex service requests from 2 weeks to 1-2 days with Service Management Automation.
Operations Bridge customers have seen 70x faster root cause detection, a 50% reduction in MTTR, improved customer experience, and a reduction in the overall cost of IT Operations.
Simplify and automate business processes between and within Dev and Ops teams.

Modernize Core Business Systems

Modernize business-critical COBOL systems and processes to meet today’s demands.

Application Modernization and Connectivity—Accelerate delivery speed for core business systems by modernizing current technology, process and infrastructure
Mainframe Modernization Solutions—modernize IBM mainframe applications, delivery processes, and infrastructure.
Host Connectivity—modernize host application access and data security.
COBOL/Visual Cobol—modernize COBOL systems using contemporary tools and new platforms.
Modernize core business systems to unlock incremental value.

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