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What is Cloud Orchestration?



OpenText™ Cloud orchestration refers to the arrangement and coordination of automated tasks resulting in a consolidated process or workflow. Many IT operations organizations implement automation in an ad hoc, opportunistic fashion that yields islands of automation with low operational agility and high costs. IT operations leaders should avoid these types of implementations, which introduce risk and result in expensive mistakes. Cloud orchestration offers a systematic approach that maximizes the automation benefits of agility and reduces costs.

Cloud Orchestration

Why cloud orchestration?

Cloud orchestration allows businesses to accelerate delivery for new innovations, applications, and hybrid infrastructure by orchestrating processes across domains, systems, and teams. It also leverages a unified portal and cloud-inspired IT service model with full-stack automation and monitoring. This improves the customer experience and provides error-free delivery and continuous compliance.

Cloud orchestration solutions

OpenText Cloud Orchestration solutions offer greater flexibility and simplified operations to securely create, deploy, and operate applications and services across hybrid clouds and increase the speed of delivery.

OpenText offers a variety of cloud orchestration solutions including:

  • Cloud services – Cloud management software that makes it easy for your business to benefit from secure, compliant cloud services.
  • Continuous deployment – Solution that provides automation and release management of complex applications across application lifecycle.
  • Smarter DevOps – Solutions that unify development and operations to accelerate innovation and meet market demands.
  • Enterprise architecture – Solution that helps identify waste and redundancies and drive transformation.
  • API management – Software that manages the lifecycle of APIs, apps, and integrations within heterogeneous environments and SOA.

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Cloud Orchestration

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