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Best Practices for Implementing Smarter Testing in the Enterprise Learn more
Best Practices for Implementing Smarter Testing in the Enterprise

Functional Test Automation

Exceptional experiences, everywhere with AI-powered functional test automation.

The UFT Family of AI-Powered
Functional Test Automation Solutions

The customer expectation that everything will work everywhere, every time, is driving the rapid pace of change, requiring faster and earlier application testing. Deliver the speed and resiliency that ensures test automation at scale through tight integration with the DevOps ecosystem of lifecycle management and continuous integration tools.

Combine extensive technology support with AI-driven capabilities that organizations need to test enterprise-grade apps. Test earlier and faster using AI-powered functional test automation within a continuous delivery pipeline across any browser, mobile device, operating system, or form factor, either in the cloud, or on-premises.

Enterprise-grade AI for enterprise-grade quality
Enterprise-grade AI for enterprise-grade quality

Artificial intelligence boosts automated test speed and efficiency by reducing test creation time, enhancing coverage, increasing testing asset resiliency, and reducing test maintenance.

Deliver a high-quality multi-platform experience
Deliver a high-quality multi-platform experience

Leverage preferred frameworks, languages and platforms; test earlier, scale to more devices and technologies, and increase quality across platforms, devices and browsers.

Friction-free continuous testing supports rapid application changes
Friction-free continuous testing supports rapid application changes

Integration and collaboration across the lifecycle improve testing. Accelerate development and test through extensive product integrations, in any development environment and discipline.

Flexible, hassle-free mobile device management
Flexible, hassle-free mobile device management

Efficient testing requires simplified device and emulator availability and management. Testers can manage device labs either as SaaS, on-prem, or even in a hybrid environment and consume devices any way they want.

  • UFT One

    UFT One

    Accelerate test automation across web, mobile, API and enterprise apps with AI-powered intelligent test automation.

    • Test 200+ technologies across mobile, web, SAP, mainframes, Salesforce, Java, PDF, Citrix, and more.
    • Accelerates continuous testing feedback through direct integration with source control and CI/CD tools.
    • Run tests at scale with full parallel, cross-browser and cross-device mobile testing.
  • UFT Mobile

    UFT Mobile

    Enterprise lab and management gateway for remote access to real mobile devices and emulators to develop, debug, test, monitor and optimize mobile apps.

    • Remote development, debugging, and testing with preferred IDE/tool and services, sensors, interfaces, and network virtualization.
    • Integrations with open source automated testing tools such as Appium and Selenium reduce costs and lower technical barriers.
    • Flexible deployment and configuration models allow devices to be hosted locally or as-a-service.
  • UFT Developer

    UFT Developer

    Shift-left functional testing using standard programming languages, IDEs, and testing frameworks of choice.

    • Employ artificial intelligence for quick insight.
    • Accelerate delivery with a shift-left test automation tool for developers using the IDE, language and testing frameworks of choice.
    • Enhance open source testing frameworks. Build on existing tests or create new, robust and reusable Selenium tests within minutes.
    • Accelerate test execution and improve code quality with object identification tools, parallel testing and record/replay capabilities.
  • Integrated and Extensible Ecosystem

    Integrated and Extensible Ecosystem

    Eliminate bottlenecks and gain efficiencies with a breadth of leading DevOps tools. Execute tests at full velocity and across virtual and real environments with a rich integration stack.

    • DevOps-enabled toolchain for Continuous Testing features CI/CD integration with Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Bamboo and others, plus Version Control for Git, Subversion, TortoiseSVN and others.
    • Deploy UFT in the cloud on provisioned Citrix, AWS, Azure, and Hyper-V virtual environments.
    • Run tests on cutting-edge IoT technologies or bring in your own existing SoapUI, WSDL, WADL, Swagger, and OData resources without extensive API coding.
    • Create realistic, production environment simulations of application behavior and virtual services to stay on schedule and focused on service quality—not service constraints—with Service Virtualization.

Intelligent test automation for web, mobile, API, hybrid, and enterprise apps

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