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Voltage SecureData

Secure sensitive data wherever it flows: on-premises, in the cloud, and in big data analytics platforms.

Voltage encryption delivers data privacy protection, neutralizes data breach, and drives business value through secure data use.
Protect data across hybrid IT
Protect data across hybrid IT

Gain cloud benefits but keep control of “crown jewel” assets and keys with persistent encryption and fully secure workloads wherever data flows.

Secure big data analytics
Secure big data analytics

SecureData encrypts sensitive data in big data use cases such as real-time analytics, enabling increased access to data for faster insights.

Encrypt at source, decrypt rarely
Encrypt at source, decrypt rarely

Business applications operate on encrypted data flowing through the enterprise securely, with no gaps, no decryption, and no performance overhead.

Simplify data privacy compliance
Simplify data privacy compliance

Voltage encryption and pseudonymization provide privacy for the individual; build customer trust; and address the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Reduce PCI audit scope and costs
Reduce PCI audit scope and costs

Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization removes credit card data storage, reduces breach risk, and cuts up to 85% of PCI DSS audit scope and costs.

Discover, classify, and protect
Discover, classify, and protect

Data Privacy Manager enables privacy throughout the data lifecycle, from structured data discovery and classification to encryption and reporting.

Facing New CCPA Compliance Requirements?

You can have security without privacy…but you cannot have privacy without security!

Learn how data lifecycle management and protection can be a business driver. Adopt an end-to-end framework that adapts as regulations evolve!

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Case Studies


Epicor secures thousands of main street retailers, and all their credit card data, with Voltage SecureData Payments.


For Allegiant Travel Company, Voltage is a game-changing data security software; protecting traveler data that helps revenues take off.

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Voltage encrypts sensitive structured and unstructured data to enable data privacy and breach defense while driving business value with secure analytics, cloud workloads, and collaboration.

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