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Around the world in 2.4 seconds

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Around the world in 2.4 seconds

ShopSure is one of the world's largest fictional online electronics retailers…

ShopSure measures the performance of their global websites by checking average response times

But this is an incomplete performance indicator – not taking into account how and when their websites are being accessed

And they use historic transaction data and analytics to forecast sales and website traffic

But ShopSure hasn't tested for the unexpected

The launch of the new iPhone and the associated marketing campaign have led to a spike in online traffic and ultimately sales

ShopSure have also expanded into two new territories

Significant sales in Hong Kong and Malaysia over the past year ($millions)

And different device and browser usage is constantly changing across every country and this has not been accounted for

These factors have led to ShopSure facing performance, functionality and user experience issues

More traffic means more load on applications and websites, which can cause technical issues including:

Loss of functionality leads to poor user experiences:

Proliferation of devices increased cost and complexity of load and performance testing

Performance and functionality varies by user depending on:

ShopSure is now launching a new mobile app in 8 countries – and must get it right first time

ShopSure will now test peak loads in advance to ensure they are prepared for unexpected spikes in traffic

Silk Performer shows how an app behaves under load by simulating network speeds and traffic patterns

And they can test performance to understand where their customers might experience bottlenecks

Performance issues can be isolated for specific regions

ShopSure will accelerate functional testing of their new mobile application

Silk Test MobileTM executes automated functional tests across hundreds of mobile configurations

While also accelerating delivery with embedded automation

Silk CentralTM launches parallel automated test runs across the full range of web and mobile test configurations, fully embedded into a Continuous Delivery workflow

ShopSure can now successfully launch their new website and app worldwide with confidence

ShopSure are closer to their ideal response time of 2.4 seconds

With regular performance monitoring continuing to ensure apps behave as they should

ShopSure use Silk PerformerTM to monitor websites and apps for performance and reliability

Result! ShopSure avoid the cost of downtime and loss of business reputation

Performance is now monitored and linked to new business initiatives

Deliver exceptional user experiences across the globe with Micro Focus

Improve performance, quality and lower test costs with the Silk Portfolio of testing tools

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Take a journey around the world with fictional online retailer 'ShopSure'
a major global force in consumer electronics - and see how they transformed the performance of their eShop with Micro Focus

ShopSure sales globally
in $millions by country

Global response times for ShopSure's website in seconds

ShopSure forecasts for tablet sales in $millions by country

% sales increase by country

Variations in the top three devices used in different countries

Previous website response times vs current response times

Forecast number of ShopSure app downloads per day

Dynamic load testing in the Cloud is easy

ShopSure reduce testing time for different browser configurations by 80%

Average global response times for new ShopSure app

Silk Performer monitoring is based on real end user experiences

ShopSure can analyze the effect of increased traffic at any time