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NetIQ Identity Governance

Govern access to applications and data across your diverse enterprise landscape. Whether you choose to deploy on premises or via SaaS, you'll get the same full-featured capabilities that you expect from a modern identity governance solution.

Know who has access to what

Discover who has access to critical applications and data on premises and in the cloud. With Identity Governance, you can collect and visualize identities and entitlements across your ecosystem. You'll know who has access to what, who approved that access, and why it was approved.

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Request and approve access to resources

Keep teams productive by providing accurate, timely access to applications and data across your diverse IT landscape. With Identity Governance, your IT team and application owners no longer need to manage entitlements in each application and platform. You'll have a user-friendly, self-service access request and approval system, backed by automated fulfillment for the most commonly used applications.

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Drive better access decisions with analytics

Provide business users with the decision support they need to approve or deny access requests. Approvers will make faster, more informed decisions when they have analytics-driven insight into the business context and risks associated with access requests. You'll increase security, lower administrative costs, and reduce rubber-stamping caused by access requests that lack context.

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Enforce least privilege and demonstrate compliance

Replace time-consuming, manual processes with automated, continuous governance. You’ll be able to trigger access reviews based on high-risk changes in your environment, with interventions needed only for exceptions. And you'll save time preparing for audits with out-of-the-box reports that demonstrate compliance at the push of a button.

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Adjust security controls based on risk

Define and enforce identity governance controls, including detection of excessive access, orphaned accounts, and separation of duties violations. You’ll be able to evaluate policies against a near real-time view of your environment, helping you to identify and respond to high-risk changes before any damage is done.

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