Custom Code Analysis plugin can be used to assist in finding pointers that were redefined by data items of 32bit size, also find COBOL statements that contain an equals test between a signed COMP-3 variable and the literal zero.

How to use: Setup (Eclipse / VS): Eclipse: Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > COBOL > Code Analysis > Rules > Click Edit > Point to folder where your custom Rule is located (the . xml file I have is in path C:\Users\kimh\Desktop\custom) > Finish.
You will now see your custom rule listed in the “Available code analysis rules” section > Click Apply and Close. Visual Studio: Analyze > Micro Focus Code Analysis Manager > Rule Set manager Tab > Click Browse > Locate your custom rule (the .xml I have is in C:\Users\kimh\Desktop\custom) > Select Folder > Click Update . Eclipse: Open the COBOL Explorer View or open the relevant source file in the COBOL editor, right click on the relevant source file/editor, on the context menu click on “Code Analysis” > Click “Other” > Select your custom rule (my case “Move Statement with char variable”) > Click Ok > Code Analysis View opens and after a few seconds any matches will be presented there.
Visual Studio: Click right on either the source file in the Solution Explorer view or opened source file in Editor > on the context menu click on “Code Analysis” > Click on “Move Statement with char variable” entry > Micro Focus Code Analysis View opens but “Analysis completed with no results” is shown.

File available: Move Statement with char variable.General.xml

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