The Docker Compose plugin is a configuration management plugin. It is run during the development and deployment process to orchestrate the creation and management of Docker containers through compose files. It interacts directly with the docker compose program and parses compose files.This plugin is a work in progress but it is intended to provide the following steps:

  • Docker Compose Up - Starts all of the applications services that are defined in compose file(s). It checks what services are defined in the provided compose files and adds any compose override files that exist for DA components of the same name.
  • Docker Compose Down - Stops all of the applications services that are defined in compose file(s).
  • Docker Compose Config - Validates all of the applications services that are defined in compose file(s).
  • Docker Compose (Generic) - Runs a generic docker compose command.
  • Create Compose Overrides - Creates a compose override file for the specific component and version. The override file will contain the name of the image (from the component) and version (from the component version).
  • List Services - Lists the services defined in a compose file for selection and use in other steps.
  • Get Logs - Retrieves the logs for a specified service in a docker-compose file.

The plugin requires that both the Docker Engine and docker compose have been installed on the target server where the steps will be executed.

Source for the plugin can be found at at the following GitHub repo: and can be updated by end users as needed.

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Deployment Automation - Docker Compose Plugin 1.0
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Oct 10, 2019
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Product compatibility
Version 6.2.0 · 6.2.1 · 6.1.5 · 6.2.2 · 6.3.0 · 6.3.1 · 6.3.2
Release notes

Initial community version


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