Deploy your applications right every time with Deployment Automation

Bring speed and quality to your application deployment

Developing applications and getting them to production in a timely manner is challenging. IT and development teams are continuously facing the challenges associated with growing volumes of application changes and releasing across multiple environments. Using Micro Focus Deployment Automation (formerly Serena Deployment Automation), you no longer have to worry about delays, bottlenecks, or even application failure. Micro Focus software enables you to deliver valuable, high-quality software faster than ever. You’ll also enjoy:

  • 90% reduction time of deployment
  • End-to-end deployments both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Complete integration with your DevOps tools

An automated process that requires no programming

Drag-and-drop features enable you to automate your entire release process with just a few simple clicks. Micro Focus Deployment Automation provides you with an automated process that can handle even the most complex deployments in any enterprise environment. The graphical process editor enables you to easily visualize the end-to-end deployment process.

Creating new development processes is quick and easy with reusable process templates. These templates streamline the deployment process by enabling you to reuse and save component process and properties.

Integrating Deployment Automation requires no programming. It supports a plug-in architecture that easily integrates with common application servers and development and build repositories. This enables you to replace your manual processes and existing scripts. Additionally, you can choose from dozens of integrations and plug-ins or provide your own plug-ins. Either way, integration is effortless.

Secure, tamper-proof storage keeps your data safe

You need to be sure that all of your data is kept safe and secure. The artifact repository featured in Micro Focus Deployment Automation provides you with secure and tamper-proof storage. Artifact version changes are easily tracked and it also maintains an archive for each artifact. Deployment Automation also keeps your development pipeline secure using approvals, permissions, and roles to control who can deploy to a certain environment. The environment templates enable you to build on the environment’s configuration which provides you with properties that are environment dependent.

Once deployed, an inventory shows you what applications have been deployed to an environment and when. You can easily compare and create model-based deployments using snapshots. This enables you to deploy release more quickly and accurately.