Airlock Suite

Airlock Suite deals with the issues of filtering and authentication in one complete and coordinated solution – setting standards for usability and services. Your internet applications enjoy reliable protection with the Airlock Web Application Firewall (WAF). Features include systematic control and filtering mechanisms with a variety of enhancement options.

Combine Airlock WAF with Airlock Login for reliable user authentication and authorization. But optimal security is not the only benefit: Airlock Login also delivers high usability and cost efficiency.

Airlock IAM is the suite's central authentication platform, including enterprise functions. With this product, customers, partners or employees log in just once for secure access to data and applications. Airlock IAM also automates user administration.

Minimum Requirements

With modern hardware, Airlock WAF is able to answer up to 7000 HTTPS requests/second. However, the actual performance very much depends on protected applications, the protocol (HTTP/HTTPS), and enabled Airlock WAF features. For example, enabling HTTPS, URL encryption and content rewriting can easily double the CPU load. The performance numbers contained in the profiles above are based on a number of assumptions. The most important are:

  • Average application response time is 200ms
  • 10 HTTPS requests per minute and user on average
  • Complex WAF features are enabled, e.g. HTML Rewriting, General Response Rewriting, Deny Rules

A detailed description can be found under the following link:

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Airlock WAF 7.0
Oct 23, 2017
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Product compatibility
Version 7.0 · 7.2
Release notes

Seeing is believing. 

Airlock WAF 7 opens your eyes and makes security visible! The redesigned logging and reporting system focuses on every detail and shows the big picture. Your services are built for global success. Yet, it may be necessary to set digital boundaries, in particular when being attacked. The new release integrates IP-based geolocation on different layers such as reporting, the operating system, and the central request logic - so you can see and act if necessary. In addition, policy learning of whitelist rules enables integrators to quickly secure applications based on automatically generated suggestions.

SIEM Integration     Airlock is no island. For a seamless integration of SIEM solutions with Airlock WAF, support for JSON and CEF (Common Event Format) data formats for log forwarding was added. Airlock’s CEF integration in HP ArcSight has been officially certified. Furthermore, the Airlock App for Splunk has been revised based on the new log format and will soon be published in version 2.0.

Please contact us for any questions or if you are interested in an evaluation.



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