The Aqua Container Security Platform provides development-to-production lifecycle controls for securing containerized applications that run on-premises or in the cloud, on Windows or Linux, supporting multiple orchestration environments. Aqua provides in-depth information for tracking and auditing events in your containerized applications, with real-time logging and granular event data. This enables real-time visibility into all container activity, including user access, executables, run/stop status, access to files, and more. Visibility into container behavior allows you to identify malicious behavior in real-time, and contain the attack before propagating to other systems. By integrating Aqua and Micro Focus ArcSight, companies can detect suspicious user behavior and prevent container-based threats. Aqua’s threat mitigation and prevention capabilities can be accessed directly from Micro Focus ArcSight and integrated into ArcSight incident correlation rules.

  • Collect and add Aqua threat intelligence with rich user and container context into Micro Focus ArcSight
  • Generate user activity logs for ephemeral containers
  • Detect abnormal container behavior indicative of an attack
  • Rapid incident response and forensics capabilities by leveraging Aqua’s container forensics module

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Aqua Security Configuration Guide 2.5
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Aug 21, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 7.0 · 7.2
Version 6.11
Release notes

This guide provides information for configuring Aqua Container Security Platform (CSP) for syslog event collection. This integration is supported on Linux platforms. Device versions starting Aqua Security version 2.5 and above at any machine running Docker version 1.13 or above.

Aqua Container Security Platform 2.5
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May 7, 2017
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Product compatibility
Version 7.0 · 7.2
Release notes

The Aqua container security platform provides seamless integration with Arcsight. By leveraging the  Aqua  security platform , Arcsight customers can benefit from unrivaled visibility into containers. Image assurance violations, run-time profile events, and container user activity is continuously recorded by Aqua and sent to the Arcsight platform. This integration ensures that container based incidents can be aggregated and correlated by Arcsight to enhance the organizations overall security posture.  

Aqua CSP 2.5 New Functionality

Managing multiple tenant console using a new Tenant Manager UI

Scanning for sensitive data in images

Running user defined custom checks (scripts) as part of the image assurance policy checks

Automatic creation of runtime profiles

Azure Key Vault Support

Static binary support for environment variable encryption and Aqua Secrets

New installation commands for Aqua Enforcer on Kubernetes, Openshift and DC/OS


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