The IDS - IPS Monitoring use case provides an overview of the activity identified by the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) on your network, showing a real-time awareness of your network situation through an active analysis of IDS and IPS events. In order to properly design perimeter protection for your network, it is necessary that you learn about various threat profiles and their impact. Threats are not always obvious and finding new threats becomes even more challenging. Although staying abreast of every new threat is not necessary, but knowing the common threats will aid in designing a network perimeter to protect from the majority of them. Benefits of IDS-IPS Monitoring use case:

  • Active channel to provide high priority correlated events from IDS/ IPS.
  • Reduced false positives and noise.
  • Focus on security events that need action.
  • Critical alerts by exploit type and the target object.
  • Visualize top targets and attackers.

ArcSight Connectors supported:

  • Broadweb NetKeeper,
  • Bro IDS,
  • Bro IDS NG File,
  • Cisco IPS Sensor,
  • Cisco Secure IDS,
  • Cisco WIPS SNMP,
  • CounterSnipe,
  • Enterasys Dragon,
  • TippingPoint Security Management,
  • System (SMS),
  • IBM RealSecure Server Sensor,
  • IBM RealSecure Workgroup Manager,
  • IIBM Proventia IPS Appliance (SiteProtector),
  • IIBM BlackICE Server Protection (IBM Security SiteProtector System),
  • IJuniper Networks IDP (NetScreen),
  • McAfee Network Security Manager (Intru Shield),
  • INFR Central Management Server,
  • INFR Security NID,
  • INFR Security HID,
  • McAfee NitroSecurity IPS,
  • IPacketAlarm IDS,
  • Radware DefensePro,
  • ISnort,
  • Sourcefire Intrusion Sensor,
  • Sourcefire Defense Center management console,
  • ISourcefire Defense Center eStreamer, version 5.0.2, 5.1,
  • Sourcefire Real-time Network Awareness (RNA) Sensor,
  • Symantec Critical System Protection Database,
  • ITripwire Manager,
  • ITripwire Enterprise,
  • ITop Layer Attack Mitigator

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Aug 17, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 6.8 · 6.11.0 · 6.9.1
Version 7.0
Release notes

  Micro Focus rebranding changes  

IDS-IPS Monitoring 1.0
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Sep 4, 2015
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Product compatibility
Version 6.8 · 6.11.0 · 6.9.1
Release notes

Initial Version.



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