Best Automated Incidence Response. IronTraps does Analysis, Mitigation, Remediation, and Forensics automatically or at the click of a button. Most applications require an army of highly trained SOC/Security specialists to manually deal with hundreds of daily reported security events and responses.

Automated Forensics. Scans incoming emails, links, and attachments, including any reported suspicious emails to multiple anti-viruses, sandbox, and deep scanning engines and mitigates the email enterprise-wide if it is proven malicious. Automated Mitigation. Any suspicious emails reported or detected will automatically notify end users inside their email toolbar and security teams inside the IRONSCALES dashboard and automatically quarantines the email enterprise-wide if found to be malicious. Automated Remediation. A fully automated quarantine occurs enterprise-wide if an email is verified as malicious, removing the harmful email away from employees neutralizing the threat. Automated Server-Side Remediation. With no plugin to install, IronTraps can proactively remediate inboxes on Microsoft exchange and Gmail servers in real-time and on any device that can manage emails, enabling unprecedented phishing prevention that does not rely on users being logged in or online. Intelligent Spam Handling. The system provides classification between Spam, false positives, and phishing emails, which makes it easier to deal with actual threats.

Best Automated Forensics. IronTraps performs the only fully automated forensics of reported or detected suspicious emails, such as: URL/Link Scanning. Uses Virus Total multi AV Engines and Google Safe browsing to detect against known malicious links such as malware/social engineering. Attachments Scanning. All detected or reported phishing emails are scanned automatically for malicious attachments using Virus Totals' Multi AV Engines and Check Points' SandBlast and immediately quarantined if found to contain anything malicious. Affected Mailboxes Real-Time Report. Provides a comprehensive forensic analysis and unified view of the affected mailboxes, allowing your security team to review the status of the potential phishing attack and intervene if necessary with a single mouse click. Spam Analysis. The system clusters similar reported spam emails as one single entry so users and security members can tag the entries as spam, removing the amount of "noise" from the dashboard reports—so the teams can spend more time on legitimate problems. Email Clustering. Uses patented algorithms to cluster and find similarities in phishing emails to create a repository of phishing patterns, preventing the same or similar types of attacks from infiltrating IRONSCALES' detection.

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IronTraps 3.1
Dec 20, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 6.8
Release notes


  1. IRONSCALES’ servers      automatically execute IronScan™, an advanced technology designed to      analyze the number and skill ranking of the responders, Multi AV, Sandbox      Scan, in addition to other proprietary analytics to determine the most      appropriate remediation response.
  2. Automatic      remediation response is issued at the gateway and endpoints,      consisting of an enterprise-wide quarantine, disabling of links and      attachments, and removal of email etc., as pre-configured by the SOC team.
  3. Each attack generates an      Intrusion Signature to both the endpoints and the SIEM.
  4. The SOC team can issue an      Optional 1-Click Response, manually triggering an immediate directive.


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