Seclytics Augur is the first and only Predictive Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). While other TIPs identify and alert, Augur raises the bar by predicting attacks and adjusting your security posture to block threats before they get to your network. The Seclytics Augur integration with Arcsight provides a simple and easy-to-setup way to incorporate Augur’s predictive intelligence into the ArcSight SIEM, which provides the SOC with unparalleled threat enrichment and reporting capabilities before their organizations are targeted with attacks.

Use Cases

This section describes important use cases supported by this integration.

  • Predictive threat enrichment and reporting
  • Threat attribution and attack infrastructure mapping
  • Automatic prevention and blocking

Predictive threat enrichment and reporting

Current threat intelligence platforms provide enrichment on observables after attacks are launched. Seclytics Augur provides threat enrichment about observables in the set-up stage before attacks are even launched. Leveraging behavioral modeling and machine learning Augur can predict attack infrastructure 51 days in advance with very high accuracy and less than 0.01% false-positive rate.

Threat attribution and attack infrastructure mapping

Current threat intelligence platforms report observables that are associated with single attacks or groups of attacks. Seclytics Augur profiles cyber criminal infrastructure maps it out and provides threat attribution on all infrastructure that is owned by threat actors. Criminal infrastructure includes IP ranges, domain names, hijacked BGP prefixes, and announcing autonomous systems (ASN).

Automatic prevention and blocking

When Seclytics Augur matches threat actor profiles with network logs in the Arcsight SIEM, Arcsight sends the matches to the Augur API to generate blocking rules that can be sent to Firewalls, Email Gateways, DNS servers, and Web proxies for proactive blocking and prevention of attacks. This process is completely automated.

Minimum Requirements

  • ArcSight ESM version 6.11 +
  • Seclytics Augur Access Token

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Seclytics Augur ArcSight Integration 1.5.1
8.7 MB
Apr 21, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 6.11.0
Version 7.0 · 7.2 · 7.3 · 7.4 · 7.5 · 7.6 · 7.7 · 7.8
Release notes

This release will profile both inbound and outbound threats and compromises that matched our prediction. It includes the following items.

  • Active Channel: Shows any correlation events with Seclytics Augur's Predictions.
  • Active List: Stores Seclytics Augur's Predictive IOCs (The content of Threat Intelligence).
  • Filters: Used in rules and queries for event filtering.
  • Integration Commands & Configurations: Adds right-click lookup on IPs to show additional context via Seclytics Augur Dashboard.
  • Queries: Used for capturing events for profiling threats.
  • Query Views: Viewing and retrieving the query results.
  • Rules: Used to mark correlated events.
  • Users: Integration users for API query and threat intelligence feed.


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