This course focuses on how Endpoint Security Management can be used to secure your company's workstations and provides an extensive discussion of the product's features. The hands-on exercises teach you how to use the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) to configure and publish Security Policies that control access to USB ports and removable media devices, provide for data encryption and application control, and demonstrate the location awareness capability of ZENworks 11.x Configuration Management.

Audience Summary:

This course is for Help Desk, Network Administrators, and Desktop Support personnel responsible for supporting users' laptops and desktops. It is also appropriate for Technical Management employees. The course is designed to help these types of IT personnel understand the risks and costs associated with unmanaged endpoints and how ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (ZESM) can prevent data breaches, help get control of endpoint hardware, and enforce company policy regarding the use of external storage devices.

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Course outline

Course Outline:

SECTION 1: ZESM Background and Product Positioning

Objective 1: History of ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
Objective 2: Architectural Differences: "Then" and "Now"
Objective 3: Product Positioning: "Then" and "Now"

SECTION 2: Understanding Important ZESM Concepts and Terminology

Objective 1: Understanding Location Awareness
Objective 2: Defining Network Environments
Objective 3: Determining the Endpoint's Closest Servers in ZCM 11.x
Objective 4: Understanding Configuration and Security Locations

SECTION 3: Understanding Endpoint Security Management (ZESM) Policies

Objective 1: Application Control Policy
Objective 2: Communications Hardware Policy
Objective 3: Data Encryption Policy
Objective 4: Firewall Policy
Objective 5: Storage Device Control Policy
Objective 6: USB Connectivity Policy
Objective 7: VPN Enforcement Policy
Objective 8: Wi-Fi Policy
Objective 9: Security Settings Policy
Objective 10: Location Assignment Policy

SECTION 4: Making ZESM Policy Assignments

Objective 1: Assigning ZESM Policies to Objects
Objective 2: Understanding ZESM Policy Conflict Resolution

SECTION 5: Using ZESM Utilities

Objective 1: Using the ZESM Device Scanner
Objective 2: Using ZESM File Encryption Utilities
Objective 3: Generating ZESM Policy Override Passwords

SECTION 6: Understanding ZESM Best Practices


No previous experience with ZESM is required or expected. You must have a background in managing Windows desktops in a networked environment and be familiar with Active Directory.


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