This course presents a comprehensive look at how to use Micro Focus ZENworks 11.x Asset Management. The course begins with a review of software asset management techniques applicable to any enterprise using any asset management tool. Then, students are introduced to the ZENworks Control Center and learn how to navigate and configure the application. The course then presents the features of ZENworks Asset Management: usage monitoring, document and contract management, and software license management, in detail.

Audience Summary:

This course is designed for both experienced software managers, such as those in the software asset management space, as well as those new to the practice.

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Course outline

Course Outline:

1: Introduction

2: Asset Management in an Hour

  • Introduction to general asset management concepts
  • Software Asset Management

3: Introduction to ZENworks Asset Management and the ZENworks Control Center

  • ZENworks Asset Management is presented through the ZENworks Control Center

4: ZAM Configuration

  • ZENworks Control Center configuration options

5: Software Recognition

  • Software recognition
  • ZENworks 10 inventory
  • Recognition for installed software
  • Web applications are discussed.

6: Reporting

  • Reports
  • Overview of ZENworks Reporting Server
  • How to use ZRS is left to another course.

7: Software Usage

  • Software usage reports.

8: Document Management

  • Archive documents in the database.

9: License Management

  • Software Asset Management
  • Overview of the license management process
  • Define the terminology
  • Three major components of the process:
  • 1- Purchasing and Catalog Products (steps for importing information about purchased software and what has been licensed by each purchase)
  • 2-Discovered Products (working with the distilled inventory information that represents license consumption)
  • 3-License Reconciliation (comparing purchasing data with the inventory results to determine the compliance position)

10: Purchasing and Catalog Products

  • Manual and automated techniques for creating purchase records and catalog products.

11: Discovered Products & Software Collections

  • Management options that may be applied to discovered products.

12: License Reconciliation

  • Data organized to build licensed product information.

13: Auto-Reconciliation

  • Auto-reconciliation features

14: Other Licensing Models

  • Other license models available

15: License Allocations

  • Allocate licenses across certain demographic values in the database.

16: Other Licensing Considerations

  • Miscellaneous topics concerning licensing.

17: Contract Management

  • Features of contract management that allow you to track and attach contracts associated with license entitlements.

18: Hardware Asset Management

  • Things you can do around hardware lifecycle management.


There are no course prerequisites.


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