What do you get ?

  • AppLink's CLIP provides a pre-configured out-of-the-box solution to tightly integrate e.g. MF OMi/OpsBridge with ServiceNow: have your basic integration installed and configured in less than an hour !
  • it is a mature, robust, proven and fully supported solution that exists in the market since the first release of formerly HP BSM OMi in 2011, with an installed base of dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide
  • AppLink's CLIP is a certified solution - it has been certified by HP, and the ServiceNow "Scoped App" has been certified by ServiceNow and can be obtained from ServiceNow's App Store.
  • Bi-directional "Closed Loop" integration
    • incident creation can be easily configured in the CLIP Web UI with support for all event attributes and CLIP's transformation and mapping capabilities
    • on initial incident creation, relevant incident attributes like the incident number and assignments are displayed in the event's forwarding tab, annotations, custom attributes
    • on event update, the incident is updated with a worklog entry summarizing all event changes, optionally, incident state, impact, urgency can be adapted
    • on incident update, the event is updated with additional annotations, custom attributes and also the forwarding tab is updated with the new incident values. Dependent on the new incident values, AppLink CLIP can manipulate the events lifecycle state, severity, priority or assignments accordingly, e.g. it closes the event if the incident is resolved
  • Manual and automatic incident creation: incidents can be created manually by the OMi operator using a menu option on individual events as well as OMi automatic forwarding rules
  • High Availability (HA) and Scalability for CLIPoHA is achieved by replicating CLIP instances and run it in a HA clusteroAutomatic failover: failover does not require any manual interventiono Automatic recovery: should a failed CLIP instance come up again, it is available instantly and automatically performs a recovery procedureoScalability: all requests can be distributed among the CLIP instances of the cluster, the cluster can run in Active/Active or Active/Passive mode
  • the CLIP Web UI
    • displays the current status of all integrations and their targets
    • provides a "synchronization list view" of all events and incidents that have been created and updated by AppLink's CLIP with search capabilities to easily locate individual events or incidents.
    • The "Drill-Down" into an event-incident pair shows all transactions, from the incident creation and bi-directional updates to closure with all details.
    • "Statistics View" shows graphical charts to allow trend analysis for incidents created
  • the Database
    • stores all details about events received, incidents created and updates processed during the synchronization phase until the event or incident is resolved or closed.
    • is self maintained so that all data can be stored for an adjustable period of time for analysis until historical data is automatically removed.
    • the rules configured in CLIP can access data in the DB that was previously stored during synchronization. This allows e.g. to implement a logic like “If the event is closed, then close the incident only if it has not been assigned already”.
    • can be used for reporting purposes by means of SQL. You can easily create reports to show e.g. number of incidents created by day, week or month, or grouped by attributes like event category, severity, submitter or incident assignment.
  • Self- and MF OMi/OpsBridge Monitoring
    • all connections are actively monitored periodically, all connection issues are logged and can lead to alarms
    • Performance metrics like processing times for create and update operations allow to pinpoint bottlenecks and support troubleshooting
    • the "OMi Queue" Monitoring feature allows to monitor the OMi queue lengths over time with it's number of events and event updates waiting to be transferred with a display in a statistics chart. Thresholds can be configured to alarm in situations where events are queuing up in OMi.
  • Support for external data: you have a need to incorporate external data into your integration, e.g. to determine incident assignment or priority of a new incident ? CLIP offers to incorporate external data from files, web services, etc. to be used in the incident creation and manipulation rules.
  • Cross launch capabilities: open the related incident with one click from OMi's event forwarding tab - or vice versa, open the OMi event browser from a link from your incident !

The application has a FREE trial.

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AppLink CLIP for MF OMi/OpsBridge and ServiceNow V5.08.00
Sep 12, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 10.0 · 10.20 · 10.10 · 10.11 · 10.60 · 10.12 · 10.61 · 10.62 · 10.63 · 10.70
Version 9.20
Version 2018.05 · 2018.11
Version 2019.02 · 2019.05 · 2019.08 · 2019.11
Version 2020.05 · 2020.10
Version 2021.05 · 2021.11
Version 2022.05 · 2022.11
Version 2023.05
Release notes

Please visit to review Release notes.

CLIP for HP BSM OMi for ServiceNow V5.04.00
1.3 MB
Jun 22, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 9.21.0 · 9.23 · 9.10 · 9.20 · 9.24 · 9.22 · 9.13 · 9.12 · 9.26
Version 10.0
Release notes

New features:

High Availability (HA) and Scalability for CLIP

CLIP V5.04 extends previous HA capabilities by adding a new, clustered deployment model that allows for

- High Availability : HA is achieved by replicating CLIP instances and run it in a HA cluster

- Automatic failover: failover does not require any manual intervention

- Automatic recovery: should a failed CLIP instance come up again, it is available instantly and automatically performs a recovery procedure

- Scalability: all requests can be distributed among the CLIP instances of the cluster, the cluster can run in Active/Active or Active/Passive mode 

New option for direct integration without "Update Set"

In former versions, CLIP for HP BSM required the upload of a ServiceNow "Update Set" or the installation of AppLink's "Scoped App" for CLIP from the ServiceNow AppStore. These contain the Web Service endpoint, transform map, business rules, scripts, menus etc. used by CLIP to create incidents and trigger incident updates to be reported back to HP BSM.Even though the use of the "Update Set" / "Scoped App" is still the recommended option for the integration, CLIP V5.04 now offers a "direct" integration into ServiceNow without use of an "Update Set" or "Scoped App"– incidents can be created directly in the ServiceNow Incidents table. Using this mode, CLIP actively polls for changes of incidents to update the OMi events accordingly.This option can be used if company policies refuse to apply additional configurations to your ServiceNow instance for the integration into HP BSM a more simple approach is favored - no maintenance is necessary on ServiceNow release changes 

CLIP for HP BSM for Salesforce: 

New integration to RemedyForce and the platformCLIP V5.04 includes an integration module to integrate with the platform.  Utilizing the new CLIP module for, CLIP provides an out-of-the-box standard integrations into BMC RemedyForce. 

Extended CLIP variable scopes

CLIP supports extended access to attributes of related events and incidents in the rules to update events and incidents. Example use cases for this feature include:on incident creation, CLIP can auto assign the event to OMi operators and groups dependant of the submission type and only after initial submission by evaluating event and incident attributesupdate the incident state dependant dependant of event state and other event attributes and the current incident state by lookup of the current incident state, e.g. an incident can be closed if the event is closed but only if the current incident state is "New" so it was not yet assigned  


CLIP for HP BSM OMi: CLIP can do various kind of OMi event manipulations to show data of an related incident in the "forwarding tab", custom attributes, annotations, change state, severity and priority etc. The current CLIP version also allows to auto assign an event to an OMi user and group using the attributes "assigned_user" and "assigned_group" in ClipConfig.xml. 

CLIP for HP BSM OMi for ServiceNow V5.03.00
1.3 MB
Apr 8, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 9.21.0 · 9.23 · 9.10 · 9.20 · 9.24 · 9.22 · 9.13 · 9.12 · 9.26
Version 10.0
Release notes

CLIP for HP BSM Operations Manager i (OMi) enables the automatic or manual generation of ServiceNow incidents (tickets) in response to events detected by OMi. 


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