FinOps Solutions focus primarily on optimizing cloud spending within organizations. This optimization aspect involves identifying opportunities to improve cost efficiency and maximize the value of cloud investments. Strategies for optimization may include rightsizing resources, leveraging reserved instances, and implementing other cost-saving measures. By emphasizing optimization, FinOps Solutions help businesses control expenses while ensuring they get the most out of their cloud infrastructure.

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FinOps Solutions 1.0.0
35.5 MB
Apr 8, 2024
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Product compatibility
Cloud Optimizer
Version 3.10
Release notes

vCenter Recommendation:

Using studio application, you can aggregate recommendations using Cloud Optimizer for your on prem environment and subsequently take appropriate actions. The recommendation application helps your organization in achieving optimal usage of resources.

Tag Management:

Tag management is a system that categorizes resources, users, and policies with labels, or "tags," for efficient organization and access control. By assigning tags to resources, users, and policies, organizations can effectively manage their digital assets, control access permissions, and enforce compliance with defined policies. This package supports for AWS Provider and you can tag resources, users and policies.

Workload Recommendation Based on Carbon FootPrint:

Prior to provisioning computing resources, workload recommendation based on carbon footprint involves evaluating the carbon emissions associated with each region. By factoring in carbon emissions data, organizations can select regions with lower environmental footprints for workload deployment, contributing to overall sustainability goals. This approach aligns resource provisioning with environmental considerations, promoting responsible usage of computing resources and minimizing the carbon footprint of digital operations. Currenty this supports for Azure provider.

Workload placement recommendation:

Workload placement recommendation based on cost across different cloud providers involves analyzing the pricing structures of various providers to determine the most cost-effective option for deploying computing tasks. By identifying the best-fit cloud provider based on cost, organizations can minimize expenses while meeting performance and scalability requirements. This proactive strategy ensures efficient resource utilization and cost management, ultimately enhancing the financial viability of cloud-based workloads.


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