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Hybrid Cloud Management X

Unify your multi-cloud and on-premises operations to accelerate service provisioning and gain management consistency.

Automate fulfillment. Enforce governance. Simplify consumption.
Lifecycle management orchestration
Lifecycle management orchestration

Implement automation for both service fulfillment and maintenance. Minimize manual effort and reduce errors.

Reusable, adaptive designs
Adaptive, reusable designs

A single design automates the fulfillment of a large variety of requests. Create templates that you design once and run anywhere.

Reusable, adaptive designsReusable, adaptive designsReusable, adaptive designsReusable, adaptive designs
Cloud cost governance

Gain detailed visibility into the cloud spend with a dashboard display. Optimize costs leveraging analytics-based recommendations for cloud usage.

Self-service catalog
Self-service catalog

Empower your users with a self-service portal, on-demand delivery of resources and an AI-based automated assistance.

Find out why Micro Focus HCMX was named a Leader, in Forrester’s 2020 Wave for Hybrid Cloud Management.

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  • Cloud cost governance

    Cloud cost governance

    Cloud cost governance

    Cloud cost governance

    Bring visibility and complete transparency to cloud utilization and to spending. HCMX allows you to perform multi-tenancy and organization level breakdown reporting. Interactive charts allow IT to come alongside business teams and developers to help optimize spending. Further optimize your public cloud costs via built-in insights describing reserved instance utilization and auto-generated recommendations.

    Cloud cost governance

Case Studies

One of the world’s largest airports (Istanbul) delivers production-ready, public and private cloud infrastructure.

Filhet-Allard automates the deployment of its new ERP management system using Micro Focus solution.

Sigma Group grows service portfolio and boosts IT agility with Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management Suite.

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