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Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX)

Cut costs. Improve control. Speed delivery.

Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX)

HCMX delivers total visibility and operational consistency across all your clouds. Now you can optimize cloud spend based on actionable insights, enable easy self-service that includes compliance guardrails, and orchestrate lifecycle management actions.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Stop the waste–gain spend insights and stay on budget.

Improve multicloud spend transparency, get smart cost-cutting recommendations, and prevent budget overruns with spend limits, alerts, and accurate allocations.

Identify the source of cloud waste and misuse.

Identify the source of cloud waste and misuse.

Enable optimal cloud-spend decision-making across all teams.

Enable optimal cloud-spend decision-making across all teams.

Stop the waste–gain spend insights and stay on budget.

Compliance Guardrails

Reduce risk. Solidify IT control. Govern all clouds.

Maintain a strong security and compliance posture—with policies, approval flows, and rules—while enabling flexible self-service provisioning for developers.

Gain peace of mind by establishing continuous policy-based compliance across clouds.

Eliminate shadow IT—less overspend, more productivity—with standardized self-service.

Hybrid Cloud Fulfillment

Deliver apps and infrastructure faster.

Easily deploy hybrid cloud across your IT ecosystem—build private clouds, consolidate public cloud access—and gain on-demand agility with lifecycle automation.

Build and manage your infrastructure with reusable—design once, run anywhere—blueprints.

Make AWS, Azure, vCenter, and GCP resources available to users in a single catalog.

Additional Features

Enterprise-Grade Orchestration Engine

Orchestrate on-prem and in-cloud processes and save time using 1,000s of OOTB workflows.

Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Gain operational insights and create a single source of IT truth with built-in CMDB.

Extensive Breadth of Coverage

Centralize and integrate IT operations across systems, environments, and 150+ tools.

Awards and Accolades

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Hybrid Cloud Management X

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