Collaborate to Improve Productivity



Collaboration: Go beyond HPOM’s limitation of one user and include many users and servers.

Accessibility: The web-based GUI  requires no client installations and offers one central access point.

Documentation: Control and track changes to monitoring configurations – have everything ready for auditing.

Delegation: HPOM administrators can hand over tasks to application owners who know their systems well.


HPOM Configurations

Enterprises place ever-increasing demands on their IT solutions. IT monitoring, being a centralized service, has to reconsider how to maintain the quality of its service in an increasingly dynamic IT environment.


General communication overheads consume a large share of the time devoted to developing and maintaining monitoring solutions. Significant savings can be achieved by changing the way application experts communicate monitoring requirements.


MIDAS Configurator allows you to redefine how you access HP Operations Manager (HPOM) configurations while retaining control – thus uniting the traditionally divergent concepts of centralized accountability and decentralized change.



MIDAS Configurator provides multiple levels of access to the HPOM configuration data. From generating configuration documentation to managing advanced user role models – access can be tailored to your enterprise’s individual requirements.


Access to multiple HPOM servers from a single, web-based console and many other features allow you to relay IT monitoring changes to the service experts thereby radically reducing communication overhead while improving the overall quality of the monitoring.



MIDAS Configurator provides you with full version control and advanced auditing features to manage changes within your configuration data. HPOM administrators retain the overall responsibility. They track which changes have occurred and can easily revert to a previous version if necessary.


Auditing allows you to quickly find the context within which changes have been made, for example to document all the changes made for a specific change request. An advanced comparison functionality allows administrators to quickly verify changes and to push these out to production machines.


HP OMU 8 to 9 Migration Report

MIDAS Configurator supports and simplifies the migration to HP OMU 9. The migration report included in MIDAS Configurator shows which changes will occur to your current HP OMU 8 configuration data when migrating.


Download MIDAS Configurator and test it with a free 60-day instant-on license which will give you enough time to plan your migration to HP OMU 9. You can access your existing HP OMU 8 and the future HP OMU 9 servers from within one console. This greatly simplifies the migration.



If you would like to know more about MIDAS Configurator or Blue Elephant Systems or want to make an appointment, please visit our Website



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MIDAS Configurator for HP Operations Manager 1.0
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Jul 26, 2015
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Version 9.21.0 · 9.23 · 9.10 · 9.20 · 9.24 · 9.22 · 9.13 · 9.12 · 9.26
Version 10.0
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MIDAS Configurator for HP Operations Manager 1.0


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