The Tech Data Cloud & Automation (C&A) has several products that move data between different source applications. In choosing this product you have chosen a cost effective and cost reducing approach to fulfilling your enterprises data needs.

Out-of-the-box customizable solution that delivers immediate value Reduce your time-to-value of IT operations and DevOps projects while enabling IT service management (ITSM) and ITIL processes. Tech Data can help shorten your CMDB build to a week and provide the tools and resources to maintain it without adding headcount, which saves time and money. After installation and deployment, the Seamless Data Pump takes just 45 minutes to show results and value. If needed, professional services available from Tech Data allow you to customize your data pump solution with advanced consulting for connector installation and configuration, CMDB cleanup, health checks, training and maintenance

Simplify, integrate and automate with the Seamless Data Pump

Universal compatibility – Easy implementation of the Seamless Data Pump to any data source within your existing environment to best utilize your existing assets.

Easy to use and understand - Requires no expensive technical resources to operate, customize or manage. Tech Data handles updates and service that support end-to-end IT service automation so there is no need to learn new code.

Cloud computing support – Connectors run real-time inventory asset updates that are used for charge back and inventory accounting in and across multiple cloud services.

Increase efficiency and accuracy – Reduce or eliminate redundant and duplicate data in your CMDB using normalization and enhancement processes regardless of disparate IT assets.

Software license management - Consolidated viewing of installed software lets you inventory and track asset usage using a defined process and automated workflow enabled by a centralized data model.

Seamless Data Pump’s unified service model gets you cloud-ready with a seamless integration, you will be able to accurately deploy applications and services to the appropriate devices at the right time, every time, for consistent cloud lifecycle management. By using a single service model shared across your IT environment, you can power provisioning and compliance, change drift tracking in a cloud and identify data center capacity to support provisioning. Service model unification allows you to confidently transition to the cloud with a consistent, repeatable, and reliable environment.

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Tech Data Seamless Micro Focus Universal CMDB (uCMDB) to BMC Atrium CMDB Data Pump 3.6.00
5.1 MB
Dec 24, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 10.22 · 10.33
Version 11.0
Release notes

Seamless Data pump for HP Universal CMDB to BMC Atrium CMDB automatically populates, relates, synchronizes, maintains and reports on high volumes of data from Universal CMDB to BMC Atrium CMDB.

What’s new

  • Enhancements were made to improve the development and customization tasks for end users, as well as for the consultants.
  • Test buttons are added to help users to identify the connection problem.
  • The standard release mapping problem with properly accounting for computer components has been eliminated by the use of Delete not in Source (DINIS).
  • The extract queries have been more neatly formatted to be able to be understood better.
  • Many individual mappings have been expanded.
  • Data problems due to CDM changes of Remedy, 9.x have been resolved.
  • Enabling and disabling sub-maps is now done by selected groups of sub-maps.
  • Great performance improvements, especially when dealing 1+ millions of data.
  • Supports BMC Atrium CMDB version 8.0.x, 8.1.x, 9.x, and 9.xx and BMC Helix (Cloud).
  • Supports HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB) v 10.x or 11.x and up.
  • Works with Java 1.8.x and Up.
  • Works with 32 bit or 64 bit Java.
  • Easy to use and understand - Requires no expensive technical resources to operate, customize or manage.
  • Tech Data handles updates and service that support end-to-end IT service automation so there is no need to learn new code.


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