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Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB

Configuration management for hybrid IT.

Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB

Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB discovers, maps, and manages your IT configurations. Increase your IT visibility and reduce your IT service disruptions with robust discovery, service dependency mapping, and proactive impact analysis.

Complete Discovery

Agent-based or agentless? Enjoy both!

Get a complete IT asset and configuration inventory across on-premises, multi-cloud, virtualized, and containerized hardware, software, and endpoints.

Help every IT team

Help every IT team be more efficient by creating a trusted, reliable CMDB.

Have an up-to-date CMDB

Have an up-to-date CMDB, no matter your network security policies or VPN connections.

Complete Discovery

Assisted Service Modeling

See how infrastructure delivers services.

Knowing how your infrastructure delivers business critical applications and services is a must for effective change and configuration management.

Understand the purpose of your infrastructure with top-down service modeling.

Easily build service maps across on-premises and multi-cloud from one source.

Proactive Impact Analysis

My change did what? Know before you go!

Change is constant in IT, but before you or a service agent makes one, you should see how it’s going to affect your service delivery.

Reduce the risks of planned and unplanned changes by predicting impacts.

Accelerate issue resolution times with configuration change records.

Additional Features


Avoid lock-in with a discovery solution and CMDB that works with everyone.

Highly customizable

Make configuration management meet for your needs and environment.

Always improving

Enjoy monthly content releases and consistent product updates for the best configuration management data.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


reduction in emergency changes


lower downtime costs due to change impact


faster implementation and time to value

  • “IT service management (ITSM) is only as good as the data it is built on. That is why we are working with Universal Discovery and CMDB.”

    Tor Kristian Hansen
    ITSM Project Manager
    Norsk Helsenett
  • “Data is the hub of IT. It is nice now to have one consolidated source for all data with Universal CMDB.”

    Stephan Dietz
    Process Owner Service Asset Configuration Management
    Automotive Parts Manufacturing
  • “Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB are invaluable because they are so customizable to anyone’s configuration management or discovery needs.”

    Shawn Gill
    Software Engineer – Strategy and Topology Design
  • “We spent 18 months trying to implement [a competitor’s] discovery for cloud and could not do it. We did it in 6 days with Universal Discovery.”

    Scott H.
    CTO – IT Asset Management
    Finance & Data Processing
  • “The most important thing is that we have centralized the hardware data and consolidated it into a single system. We have reduced the risk of failure and downtime of business-critical systems that earn money for the company.”

    Andrei Nosov
    Deputy Head of ITSM
    Finance & Banking
  • “We’ve been trying to get real-time information on our clouds and the event-driven updates that Micro Focus Universal Discovery can pull are really important.”

    P. Clarke
    Technology Data Optimization Team
    Finance & Banking


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Universal Discovery & CMDB integrate with?

    It integrates with most Micro Focus IT Operations products such as SMAX, AMX, Operations Bridge, and others. It also integrates with other ITSM and ITAM platforms such as Service Now, BMC, BigFix, and others through adapters, plug-ins, and REST APIs.

  • What clouds and containers can Universal Discovery and CMDB discover?

    Universal Discovery and CMDB multi-cloud discovery covers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, as well as many private clouds. Container discovery covers Kubernetes, Docker, and OpenShift across on-premises and multi-cloud.

  • What can Universal Discovery and UCMDB discover?

    Universal Discovery and UCMDB can discover servers, network and storage devices, desktops, laptops, virtual machines (VMs), containers, and over 140,000 software titles installed across on-premises and multi-cloud IT environments.

  • How scalable is Universal Discovery and CMDB?

    Universal Discovery and UCMDB can handle the world’s largest enterprise IT environments. It can capture up to 200,000 servers or 300,000 desktops with up to 200 -400 million CIs per instance depending on storage used.

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Universal Discovery & CMDB

Get started today.

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