ZigiWave is a team of software integration experts, aiming to make the work of organizations easier and more efficient. They achieve that by helping companies simplify and automate their processes and workflows with software integrations. Currently, more than 60 companies on the Fortune 500 list are using their product, ZigiOps: a powerful, highly scalable, no-code integration platform. It acts as a mediator between enterprise software tools and the people who use them—and syncs your ITSM, ITOM, DevOps, and APM applications effortlessly. ZigiOps supports bi-directional synchronization of more than 25 enterprise software tools, including Micro Focus Ops Bridge, ServiceNow, Jira Software, Salesforce, and more. It improves end-to-end data flow, allowing different teams and departments to communicate more efficiently & work better together.

We handle the most complex use cases for mid-size and large enterprises.

The ZigiOps Integration Hub is a fully customizable tool that connects the most used enterprise tools for ITSM, ITOM, APM, and DevOps. Connect bi-directionally ServiceNow, Jira, AppDynamics, Cherwell, BMC Remedy, Micro Focus Ops Bridge, NewRelic, SolarWinds, Dynatrace, and more.


Banking, Telecommunications, Finance, Insurance, Transport, Entertainment, IT, Manufacturing




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