Developers strive to build applications quickly with as few coding errors and performance problems as possible. Today’s development is prone to performance and scalability problems, making it difficult to identify runtime errors and memory and resource leaks. Security must also be tight. Often virtually undetectable by hand, these issues must be uncovered and resolved for successful application deployment. DevPartner (formerly Borland DevPartner) detects and diagnoses software defects.

  • Automatically detects defects, memory leaks, performance bottlenecks.
  • Provides built-in expert coding advice, coding standards, and rule-based guidance.
  • Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server enhancements encourage coding standards.
  • Available in Studio Pro Edition.
Identify source code with CodeReview

CodeReview identifies potential source code problems to ensure code is maintainable, readable, and of the highest quality. The rules database identifies potential problems and reveals issues in code structure, design, complexity, and naming to improve the quality of increasingly complex software.

Error detection with BoundsChecker

Find the root cause of many sources of application instability, including memory leaks and overlays, heap and stack corruption, overruns, and API misuse. Use BoundsChecker to pinpoint specific runtime errors that cause unstable applications if undetected. BoundsChecker offers reasons for the error and raises solution advice at the code level.

Coverage analysis with TrueCoverage

With DevPartner’s TrueCoverage, developers, testers, and build managers can quickly evaluate runtime application test coverage. Address testing gaps such as adding a test where lines of code are not executed. TrueCoverage offers a detailed summary and drill-down for source level execution counts.

Performance analysis with TrueTime

TrueTime is based on a proprietary kernel-mode driver that detects when code threads switch in and out of processing. TrueTime presents findings in the context of lines, methods, classes, and components to pinpoint the slow items in your application.. Measure whether CPU or input/output bounds lie at the root cause of each bottleneck.

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"There have been several really difficult problems that we’ve found very quickly with DevPartner; it’s a critical piece of our quality control process."
Roger Andrews   /   Vice President and CTO,  Synergex