Affordable High-Performance Recovery

PlateSpin Forge offers you a fast, affordable, and complete disaster recovery solution in a single, totally self-contained appliance. Here are a few ways you can use PlateSpin Forge to protect your organization from disasters and data loss.

Protect more servers in the data center with affordable consolidated recovery

Protect and recover multiple physical and virtual servers quickly using a single PlateSpin Forge appliance.

With PlateSpin Forge®, you can protect servers across geographically dispersed sites and rapidly recover in the event of downtime or a site disaster. By using PlateSpin Forge as a consolidated recovery platform, you can protect a larger percentage of your servers without having to invest in costly duplicate hardware or redundant operating system licenses.

PlateSpin Forge offers both standard file-based replication and high-speed block-level replication options. Block-level transfers are ideal for protecting high-transaction servers, such as email and database servers. Efficient incremental transfers ensure that the only changes that are replicated are source data files, which are replicated to the PlateSpin Forge remote recovery environment. This feature minimizes WAN usage and lets you efficiently meet recovery time objectives (RTO).

PlateSpin Forge also integrates with existing storage area networks, allowing you to seamlessly protect a greater share of servers across your SAN.

Protect More Workloads

Protect more servers in the data center with affordable, consolidated recovery

Quickly and easily test the integrity of disaster recovery plans and processes

Gain peace of mind knowing that even before a disaster occurs, your recovery plan is sound.

According to industry experts, you should test your recovery solution at least every 6 to 12 months. Despite the importance of regular testing, it's often overlooked because it has traditionally been too difficult and too time-consuming. Now, test time objective (TTO), or the speed and ease with which a recovery plan can be tested, is emerging as a key measure of recovery effectiveness.

With one-click recovery, PlateSpin Forge makes it easy for you to quickly test the integrity of your replication and recovery plan. To perform a test failover, PlateSpin Forge takes a snapshot of the recovery server and powers it on within a "fenced-off" private internal network. This allows you to quickly validate the recovery plan and related business services with no disruption to the production server. As soon as the disaster recovery plan has been validated, PlateSpin Forge drops any changes from the recovery server snapshot and resumes normal server replication.

Easily test integrity

Quickly and easily test disaster recovery plans and processes

Take control with rich monitoring, reporting, and actionable alerts

The PlateSpin Forge web-based interface provides a dashboard that allows you to view the status of your protection plans at all times. You can easily manage, monitor, and report on all aspects of your server protection. This includes:

  • Automatic email alerts in the event of production server downtime or disasters.
  • Notification messages that include context-sensitive actions. Simply click a link within the email from a PC or mobile device to perform the action.
  • Rich reporting features that provide a clear picture of how protection resources are being used.
  • Reports on actual versus target recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO), replication windows, and data transfer rates.
  • Protection logs that demonstrate successful replication and recovery tests. These logs provide the audit capabilities you need to meet service level agreements and regulatory requirements.
Take control with rich monitoring

Take control with rich monitoring, reporting, and alerting

Rapidly recover servers with one-click failover and flexible restore options

Power on recovery servers with a single click and restore them to the same or different hardware.

In the event of a production server outage or disaster, PlateSpin Forge makes it easy to recover protected servers on an individual basis with a single click of the mouse. In these instances, the PlateSpin Forge appliance takes over the server, so it can continue to run normally while the production environment is being restored.

When the production environment is back online, PlateSpin Forge offers flexible options for restoring the server. If the original production server is repaired and the hardware is intact, you can move the server from the virtual recovery environment back to the original platform by performing a virtual-to-physical (V2P) server transfer. If the original hardware cannot be repaired, you can restore the server with a V2P transfer to new hardware.

Server can also be easily moved to a virtual production environment. Flexible, hardware-independent restore capabilities also mean you never have to worry about whether the new hardware is the same make, model, or configuration as the original.

PlateSpin Forge also gives you the flexibility to select multiple recovery points, so you can roll servers back to any of a number of available recovery states.

Rapidly recover workloads

Rapid recovery with one-click failover and flexible restore