Extend the Life of Your Virtual Infrastructure

PlateSpin Recon helps you do more with your existing infrastructure and postpone additional hardware purchases.

Gain a clearer view of server workloads with advanced reporting and visualization

Increase visibility into ongoing resource utilization to keep your data center in perfect balance.

PlateSpin Recon provides customizable graphical reporting to view and manage workload and resource utilization over time for optimal data center operations.

  • Sort server workloads by CPU, memory, disk, network, inventory, performance, or virtual machine type
  • Compare power, cooling, space, cost, and utilization metrics to identify workload and resource mismatches
  • View summary workload sizing, power, and cooling data or drill down to point-in-time granular levels using detailed tabular reports and time-series charts
  • Create management reports by designing charts and customized report templates and easily generate the energy savings reports required to qualify for utility rebates
  • Schedule the automated delivery of reports to IT specialists and service providers so they can easily track the state of your data center from anywhere in the world
  • Create IT chargeback reports to calculate IT costs for business units based on their resource allocation or the actual usage of virtual resources
  • Use resource reclamation reports to find underutilized workloads and resources

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