PVCS Professional Suite

Version control for small businesses

PVCS Professional Suite, formerly Serena PVCS Professional Suite, is the most reliable version control solution on the market. PVCS consists of version management capabilities and builds on Solutions Business Manager (formerly Serena Business Manager) to provide issue and defect management too. This product was created specifically for smaller businesses with smaller teams. Thousands of companies across the world now use PVCS for their version control needs because Micro Focus helps smaller teams optimize their efficiency and productivity.

Fast and simple out-of-the-box installation

There’s no need to worry about technology stack changes with Micro Focus PVCS Professional Suite. You get the most stable and reliable version control solution available on the market, and it includes out-of-the-box installation. All integrated development environment (IDE) components are also included. Whether you prefer Windows, Linux, or another operating system, you can develop software better and faster. Manage all your versions quickly and simply with PVCS.

Ensure compliance

PVCS Professional Suite includes process management system SBM to offer collaborative integration for change and version management software. Designed especially for workgroups and small teams, PVCS integrates well into multiple web services and orchestrations. These integrations are powered by Solutions Business Manager (SBM), so they can quickly and easily assimilate into other environments. You won’t have to search the web for IDE integrations for common development environments because Micro Focus includes all of them in the out-of-the-box installation process.

Configuration control just got better and safer

PVCS Professional Suite offers baselines so that you can keep a snapshot of development efforts at any given time. It also offers branching to enable users to develop alternate versions of any artifacts they might be developing so that they have better control over their artifact configuration. Additionally, the server can split metadata from file revisions to help you control your configuration data. All this data is kept safe through these processes with a strong security layer. PVCS includes security capabilities like single sign-on, as well as support for Common Access Card functions.

Fix bugs faster

PVCS Professional Suite includes capabilities for issue and defect management. These capabilities are orchestrated by Solutions Business Manager. SBM automates the steps of issue management, including capturing, routing, collaborating, and resolving these defects. This automation is efficient at identifying issues that may not be caught manually. Once identified, PVCS saves you time and money by taking care of issues for you.