Micro Focus Silk Central® (formerly Borland® Silk Central) unifies test assets into one planning, tracking, reporting, and execution hub, whether your methodology is Agile, traditional, or hybrid. Define quality goals, schedule manual and automated functional and performance tests, and view results in a centralized dashboard. The open platform establishes traceability by integrating requirements, automation, source code control, and defect tracking tools.

Silk Central 17.5 Data Sheet
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What's new in Silk Central 17.5
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  • Manage manual, automated, and performance test results from a single interface
  • Integrate requirements and defect management, automation, and source code control
  • Embed application testing into DevOps and Continuous Delivery workflows
  • View the cloud to launch parallel automated test executions
  • Leverage project status and test coverage, as well as quality, defect, and performance trends
  • Execute manual mobile tests with easy access to remote devices
Facilitate collaboration and establish traceability

Silk Central is an open platform that facilitates collaboration and establishes traceability by integrating requirements, automation, source code control, and defect tracking tools. Gain a centralized view of your test execution status across your software testing with out-of-the-box plug-ins, or by creating your own through the open API.

Support for Agile, traditional, or hybrid methodologies

Silk Central delivers control over application quality by providing consistent, repeatable processes for traditional methodologies or Agile. Silk Central is a unified framework for managing manual and automated tests, integrating with unit, functional, and performance test suites, issue and requirement management systems as well as continuous integration and DevOps activities.

Access real time analytics and reporting

Make metrics and analytics reports accessible to all, using email, intranet, or a portal. Uncovered issues are fully traceable, with result files and progress status available in a format you can view online, printed or exported to a PDF. Video and Screen Capture of test activities improves reproduction of issues for development teams.

Highlight risk mitigation and quality goals

Silk Central helps testers prioritize, execute, and demonstrate how test efforts respond to initiatives such as risk-based testing and requirement-driven testing. Quality goals create measurable criteria to objectively measure quality and track progress. Reports illustrate how testing has responded to these defined quality goals, ultimately enabling the critical go/no-go decisions.

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"By properly planning and structuring test execution, and resource allocation, we have already made good progress in achieving improved productivity, quality and visibility, all at a significantly lower cost than extending our existing HP Quality Center implementation."
Neil Edwards   /   Head of Testing,  JHC Systems

Etrali supports agile development and product quality improvements with Micro Focus Silk Central.

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Micro Focus® Silk Central™ delivers full visibility into testing processes while saving costs and providing superior customer service.

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