Fast delivery and high quality shouldn’t cause a conflict in software testing. Maintain rigorous quality standards and accelerate application testing on any device and platform with Silk Test® (formerly Borland® Silk Test). Standardize validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications using a single, powerful test automation solution.

  • Efficiently verify functionality across browsers with a single, portable test script
  • Increase speed of testing in DevOps environments with embedded quality automation
  • Leverage the cloud to cost effectively test an unlimited number of user configurations
  • Centralize test automation for desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise applications
  • Improve software quality without disrupting development tools and processes
Maintain rigorous standards while keeping pace with delivery

Integrate Silk Test with any CI server to ensure that problems are quickly detected. Easily connect Silk Test with existing tools including build servers, source control, or test management systems. Developers can use their preferred tool because IDE integrations support current tools and processes without disruption. Create, customize, and execute tests with Silk Test’s intuitive interface, or leverage Eclipse IDE or Visual Studio.

Introduce efficiency and accuracy to quality practices

Silk Test centralizes test automation for desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Automate complex business workflows, and easily verify functionality of even the most advanced web application across a variety of browsers, with a single portable test script. Leverage the cloud to lower the cost and complexity of testing hundreds of device combinations.

Optimize test creation

Engage both business and technical stakeholders in collaborative test creation. With Silk Test, business and technical stakeholders work seamlessly together, regardless of technical skillset. Everyone can contribute to test creation, from business analysts to developers. The result is a test set that captures a broad range of perspectives and ensures that application validation represents the full end user experience.

Ensure a seamless mobile experience

Use Silk Test to execute regression, cross-platform, and localization testing of all mobile application types, including mobile web, mobile native, and hybrid applications. Efficiently create and maintain functional tests to accelerate time to market. Run tests on real devices, as well as simulators and emulators, to replicate the genuine user experience. Securely share test devices, regardless of their actual physical location, to support globally-distributed teams.

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"The PinnacleQM Enginuity solution, using Micro Focus Silk Test, realized a testing effort saving of 56%, while testing cycles were reduced by 82%. Business users now only need to be involved for verification purposes against a UAT model, which means that approximately 25 weeks of testing effort per cycle was reduced to less than one week."
Ian Charlton   /   Director,  PinnacleQM

Introduced an agile and iterative testing process while saving costs with Silk solutions.

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Micro Focus® Silk Test™ and Enginuity enable smooth Oracle CC&B upgrade while drastically reducing testing cycles and saving costs.

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