Silk TestPartner

Silk TestPartner is being discontinued. Now enjoy all of the same Silk TestPartner capabilities in Silk Test.

TestPartner is still fully supported

If you are still using TestPartner, you can be assured that you are still fully supported.

For more details on how you are fully supported, visit the Silk TestPartner community site.

If you have further questions, contact the SupportLine.

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Continue to use TestPartner features in Silk Test

Get the same time saving capabilities featured in TestPartner. Silk Test enables you to reduce testing time by using storyboards to capture business processes and visual results. This enables you to quickly pinpoint application issues at a high and detailed level. Using integrations that enable VBA scripting for complex tests, you’ll increase collaboration between users, testers, and developers.

Using Silk Test requires little technical knowledge as you can easily generate object-oriented scripts with just a few clicks.