Welcome to Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2015

A new integrated environment bringing COBOL and .NET development together.


This latest version of Visual COBOL™ for Visual Studio offers developers an unparalleled application development experience with access to industry leading development aids through Microsoft. Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2015 places a uniquely productive and interactive toolset in the hands of COBOL application developers, enabling faster coding, better team collaboration, and access to the latest technologies.

  • The very latest in COBOL language integration within Visual Studio and .NET
  • Support for both native and managed application code development
  • A unified toolset for .NET developers
  • Accessible with C#, Visual Basic, and other modern languages
  • Development and deployment support for Windows 10, .NET 4.6, and Azure platforms

We're delighted to have partners like Micro Focus working closely with us to build and enhance the overall development experience of Visual Studio 2015. COBOL-based systems are prevalent in many enterprises, and Micro Focus Visual COBOL helps enterprises develop, maintain, and modernize these critical applications."

Mitra Azizirad Developer Platform Marketing Microsoft Corp. Read the Customer Story