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Application Security as a Service

Remove the obstacles to securing applications

Enterprises today need to ensure that their applications are secure while maintaining the speed of development. With continuous security testing, vulnerability management, security expertise, and support, organizations can remove the obstacles and accelerate their application security initiatives.

Start your application security program in a day

Trust the security of your software with our expertise, get started easily, and scale as you grow. Have access to the tools to create, supplement, and expand a Software Security Assurance program with no infrastructure investments or security staff required. Start your AppSec journey with the right tools to secure development, pre-production security testing, and production monitoring—all hosted in the cloud.

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Shift application security testing left

Enable your organization to find and fix application security risks earlier, giving developers real-time security feedback directly in their IDE. This means developers receive real-time insights and recommendations on code vulnerabilities as the code is being written.

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Find and fix security vulnerabilities at DevOps speed

Identify application security risks through static scans within minutes. Gain security expertise that reduces false positives by up to 95%, which can expedite triaging. This expertise can also help to reduce repeat code vulnerabilities by up to 40%. This means faster application development with fewer production risks.

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    Try it now

    Start your free 15-day trial of Fortify on Demand now. Launch your application security initiative in a day and enjoy all the features of Fortify on Demand with no infrastructure investments or security staff required.

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