Accelerate Software Testing Across Web, Mobile, Native, and Enterprise Applications

My release cycle time continues to shrink, yet the number of configurations that need testing continually increases. The demands of continuous integration means my test teams must work at high velocity and our tests must encompass the ever growing range of user configurations and geographic locations.

We help you…

Centralize test automation for desktop, web, mobile, and ERP applications

Rather than using different products for different applications, Silk Test supports all your applications, including desktop, web, mobile and ERP applications like SAP or Oracle Forms. Learn, maintain, and interact with just a single product to dramatically reduce the complexity of test automation.

Maintain rigorous standards while keeping pace with delivery

Maintaining product quality while at the same time increasing the speed of execution sounds counter-intuitive. Test team efficiency is key to success in today’s demanding environment. We help test teams create portable and reusable tests to ensure quality applications with accelerated delivery.

Improve software quality without disrupting existing development environments

Introduce efficiency and accuracy to quality practices without disrupting development team activities. Silk integrates with all major build and development environments to ensure quality is introduced at the right time and in the right order for your software development process.

Facilitate business and technical stakeholder collaboration

Legacy silos must be torn down to improve agility. Effective collaboration between business teams, domain experts, testers and developers is crucial to continuous delivery. Using keyword-driving testing, Silk provides the right interface to match the stakeholder’s skill set so everyone can contribute to effective testing.

Ensure a positive user experience on any mobile device

The complexity of mobile devices continually increases, directly impacting application testing. We help customers effectively manage, create, and maintain functional and load tests for their mobile applications to reflect the entire user journey.

Ensure web applications perform as expected on any browser

Use Silk Test for efficient web application testing. Create test scripts once and execute them against any supported web or mobile browsers without the need to invest time in understanding browser specifics.

Manage test configuration complexity across multiple devices, platforms, and software versions

Maintaining application quality is increasingly challenging as test teams must ensure functionality and stability across hundreds of different configurations. Our testing solution facilitates broad test coverage and increased efficiency of test efforts to achieve quality goals.

Reduce cost by detecting and testing for regression scenarios

Continuous delivery increases the need for fast and efficient application testing even as complexities continue to drive up costs. Reduce testing expense with a single solution that covers all your testing needs, and accelerate the test process by increasing the use of automated testing.