Collaborate and Collect Feedback on User Requirements

Rapid delivery requires effective and efficient communication. Email and spreadsheets just don’t cut it. I need to be able to easily share and collect feedback from multiple teams so our diverse set of stakeholders can all contribute to requirements definition.

We help you…

Facilitate discussions between business, development, and teams

Soliciting, organizing, and tracking feedback from business and engineering teams can be challenging, and complexity grows as new ideas are introduced and discussed. Keep track of discussion threads by topic and identify if suggested changes were accepted and committed.

Keep test teams in sync with user requirements

Help test teams improve application quality by ensuring test criteria derives from business requirements. Direct access to defined requirements in the testing environment provides testers a clear understanding of required behavior.

Feed updated requirements directly to Agile tooling

Capturing evolving requirements and aligning them with the cadence of Agile delivery is challenging. Keep business and Agile teams in sync without disrupting Agile process or tooling by sending business requirements directly to delivery team backlog.