Protect Both Physical and Virtual Servers

Having one set of disaster recovery products for your physical servers and an entirely different set for your virtual environment, typically means increased cost. Not just in software licenses, but also for staff, training, support and more.

We help you…

Protect physical and virtual server workloads

If you are using separate disaster recovery (DR) solutions for your physical and virtual servers, you can do better. That approach is costly, not just for software licenses, but also for staff, training, and support. It also adds complexity you don’t need. It is harder to protect business services that cross boundaries, such as physical servers that interact with virtual machines.

We can help. We deliver high performance DR solutions that can back up and restore a broad range of both physical and virtual servers. Both PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Forge back up all major physical servers, regardless of make, model, or vendor, as well as virtual workloads running on most popular hypervisors.

After an outage, those workloads—physical or virtual—can quickly be restored back to their original location. And if the original hardware cannot be repaired or replaced, you can easily restore the workloads to another available location—physical or virtual.

Protect both Windows and Linux server workloads

Our disaster recovery solutions protect all your server workloads—including a wide range of Windows and Linux operating system versions and service packs.