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The Micro Focus family of certifications helps you to prove your understanding and skills on topics and platforms ranging from workload management, identity management, and endpoint management, to backend operating systems and integration. Both employers and job seekers will find value in these certifications that verify your abilities and helps build your career.

List of all Certification

Identity Manager Certification

Identity Manager is the foundation for your identity-infused enterprise and contains important new services, features, and capabilities. Get certified to prove you know how to competently administer this new, advanced family of products. The Identity Manager Certified Administrator certification tests your knowledge and skills with Identity Manager 4.5.

Open Enterprise Server Certification

Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES) delivers reliable and flexible file, print, and networking services to your users across multiple platforms, including mobile. This certification tests basic OES administrative knowledge and skills such installing OES and implementing patches and upgrades. You are also tested on configuring and using OES products such as Linux User management, NSP, NSS, Dynamic Storage Technology, Micro Focus iFolder, NetStorage, Micro Focus iPrint, and Domain Services for Windows.

PlateSpin Migrate Certification

PlateSpin® Migrate 12 is a powerful workload portability solution that automates the process of moving workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts, and the cloud. PlateSpin Migrate 12 remotely decouples workloads from the underlying server hardware and streams them to and from physical or virtual hosts—all from a single point of control. This certification tests your capabilities of installing, configuring and administration of PlateSpin Migrate 12.

ZENworks Certification

The Certified Novell ZENworks® Administrator certification tests your knowledge of ZENworks Configuration Management administration skills such as installation and configuration, deploying the ZENworks Adaptive Agent, configuring Remote Management, distributing applications and files, configuring Policy Management, creating and deploying a workstation image, Asset Inventory Services, and Patch Management Services