2023 State of Code Security

Robust application security isn’t a sprint; it’s a distance race with many potential obstacles along the way.

Fortify partnered with DarkReading, specifically interviewing AppSec professionals, to discover the main factors influencing tool adoption, as well as key implementation challenges.

Report insights include:

  • Key Findings
  • The Road to AppSec Maturity
    • Implementing DevSecOps
    • The Path to Shifting Left
  • Key Implementation Challenges
    • The Cloud Challenge
    • Open-source Risks
    • API Security and Orchestration
    • Entrenched Organizational Habits
  • Factors Influencing Tool Adoption
    • Accuracy, Depth, Integration
    • The Mix-and Match Approach
    • The Shift to Hybrid Cloud Deployment
  • Reflecting on Outcomes, Tracking Success
    • False Positives and Negatives
    • Tracking AppSec Program Success
  • Takeaways From This Report

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2023 State of Code Security

Download to learn the principle takeaways from our code security survey report.

38% of organizations still haven't started implementing DevSecOps"

46% of organizations still haven't started utilizing SCA"

45% of organizations use email to share vulnerabilities with developers"

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