Results of the Big COBOL Survey! Click here
Results of the Big COBOL Survey!

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COBOL. The foundation of application modernization.

Take COBOL with you

Thousands of customers now fuel their innovation by leveraging new agile and DevOps practices and tools, having retained the COBOL applications that underpinned previous successes. The world’s most adaptable and resilient programming language is digital-ready, easy to learn, and evolving to support low-risk transformation, enabling the deployment of higher value applications across host, server, cloud, and mobile.

Onward and Upward: How COBOL Enables Mainframe Transformation

Onward and Upward: How COBOL enables mainframe transformation

Change is constant, we adapt, and core systems continue to support us. DX is the change program to ensure your enterprise – complete with future-enabled COBOL applications – can compete and succeed. View relevant data from the Big COBOL Survey 2019-20 to support smart DX as a strategic requirement for future success.

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