The State of Application Security in the Enterprise


A survey of 538 technology influencers and decision-makers by BizTechInsights on behalf of Micro Focus reveals the most common factors that impact organizations’ implementation and use of application security solutions, what they consider to be the most pressing issues regarding their application security solution, and more. 

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As a greater number of organizations transform themselves for the digital economy, application development is becoming more important as a business driver. Security, once treated as an afterthought in the software development life cycle (if included at all), is now “shifting left” to occur earlier to help mitigate issues before software is released or deployed. DevOps is a major driver in that shift. 

Application security, therefore, is increasing in importance to help ensure errors in code and other factors don’t negatively impact the security of an organization’s network. Compliance, speed to market and coverage for multiple platform types are some of the elements addressed by application security. Yet some organizations aren’t deriving true value from their current application security solution, even as the number of security threats increase.

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The State of Application Security in the Enterprise
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